5 gardening ideas for a profitable first vegetable patch


Planting a vegetable garden in your home is a trend that continues to spread like powder smoke. In France, as in most European countries, almost a large proportion of households have a small garden where you can find a whole variety of plants. But if it is easy to equip your home with a vegetable garden, doing it yourself is not a cakewalk. Many end up getting used to it, but the first time is always a challenge. If you want to make your first vegetable garden a success, then you have come to the right place. Doing your own vegetable garden is an idea that has many advantages.

The advantages of doing your own vegetable garden

There are many advantages to growing your own vegetable garden. Indeed, this option is increasingly preferred for a variety of reasons.

First, making your vegetable garden yourself allows you to save money. Instead of hiring a professional to do it and spending money, you will let your creativity speak and produce a work of your own.

Also, making your vegetable garden yourself will allow you to de-stress. It is an activity that has therapeutic effects on the mind. Moreover, a large part of the French do it as a family activity.

Even better, this choice lets you know exactly what you’re consuming. You will then avoid using chemicals to develop your plantations. You could therefore consume purely organic products.

Finally, you no longer need to buy your products at the market. Growing your vegetables and fruits at home saves you from having to go to the market for your supply.

Obviously, it is not easy to make your own vegetable garden, especially when it comes to the very first time. But, there are many tricks that will allow you to do it easily. We invite you to discover some of them.

1/ Vegetable garden with old clothes

Here is an original idea to make your first vegetable garden. This is one of the easiest and simplest tricks to implement.


For the implementation of this trick you do not need big things. You just need to collect your old clothes that you no longer use. These include used pants that are ready to be thrown in the trash. You will also need a good amount of potting soil.


Tie the legs of the pants and fill them with potting soil. Make sure the clothes are full and set them up against your wall or against wooden crates. You can then make your plantations. It’s a very effective choice that won’t cost you much.


2/ Vegetable garden trick with bricks

With just bricks, you can make your very first vegetable garden a success.


For the implementation of this trick, you will need as many bricks as it would take to form a rectangle or square space. You will also need plenty of potting soil.


To use this trick, you must form a large rectangle with all the bricks you can. Install them so as to form an important gardening space. Then, fill the inside with potting soil, enough to plant your plants there. You can then plant your vegetables there and water them. This is a trick that will help your crops flourish.


3/ Wooden vegetable garden tip

With the help of some wood and some planks, you can perfectly realize your first vegetable garden. How?


You need some planks to make small spaces on the ground. You will also need antlers if you want to grow a spreading vegetable.


Install the planks on the ground so as to form small rectangular spaces. Fill them halfway with potting soil. The wood will be used to make standing boards to allow your crops to expand.


4/ Vegetable garden tip with natural wood

For the realization of this trick, you need natural wood that has not been worked. You will also need potting soil.


Install the woods on top of each other to obtain a rectangular space. Then pour potting soil into this space and grow your produce! Or, you can use a few boards for such a work. The result will surprise you.


5/ Vegetable garden tip with planks

Make vegetable gardens with planks, it’s very easy, especially for the first time.

Connect the boards in a rectangular shape and install them on the floor. But if you want, the installation can be done directly on the ground. Fill them with potting soil and plant your vegetables or fruits!


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