5 guide actions for again to high school


Back to school often rhymes with good habits and new resolutions. To get off to a flying start, here are some creative ideas to make with and for your children, whatever their age, in order to create daily benchmarks for them while putting their artistic talent to work! Indeed, involving your child in the creation of tools, which will be used daily, through manual activities will motivate him to respect everything you have put in place.

1. A pencil holder

Having a nice pencil holder with nice pens to put inside will allow the child to be motivated to use them to work. He will enjoy sitting on his desk and doing things right. To make it, get a tin can on which you will stick flat wooden sticks. Ask your child to paint each of them the color of his choice using water-based paint, such as gouache. A moment of pleasure around creative hobbies with family !

You can also opt for a pencil holder made from a toilet paper roll that you can customize as in the photo.

2) A weekly planner

The week planner is important for the child so that he can find his way around the week and visualize the activities planned each day. Choose the illustrations and colors with him, then color and put an image on each box: his schoolbag, his bed, his house, etc.

3) A clock

Create a clock to your child with his favorite character! For example, you can get a paper plate that you will paint Pikachu style. It is also possible for you to do it on a wooden circle and thus install a clock mechanism with hands that work alone.

Another solution: draw a circle using a compass and divide your clock into different parts of the day. Color each part a different color and write each part of the day like night, evening, afternoon, noon and morning. Even if we all have an internal clock, the child will be able to become autonomous and regulate himself. He will know that from the moment the needle is in the evening part, it will be time to eat, take a bath and go brush his teeth before the needle arrives on the night.

4) An abacus

The abacus allows you to establish a morning routine for your child. First of all, he will save you energy by avoiding having to repeat everything since he will just have to follow the steps and validate them by advancing the wooden bead on his abacus. Then, your child will gain autonomy since he will have to perform the same tasks every morning. The abacus is therefore a good visual cue that will give your child confidence!

5) A picture frame

Keep a precious memory of back to school by making this pretty photo frame using paint, stickers and other decorations of all kinds!

These manual activities allow you to start the year with good habits and new resolutions for the whole family!

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