5 errors to utterly keep away from with a fork cutter


The split-end cutter, also known as a split-end straightener or anti-split brush, is a tool that cuts the ends of split hair using a centrifugal mechanism. The split-end trimmer cuts 0.3-0.6mm of hair only, which helps to restore strength to your hair without changing the look! Find out how to use this device properly with the 5 most common mistakes to absolutely avoid.

Can we pass the fork cut on wet hair?

No, you can’t use the split-end trimmer on wet hair! This is one of the most common mistakes when using this styling device for the first time. We will use the split-end cutter as we would use a straightener, that is to say on dry, clean and preferably smooth hair (for more uniform results). We will also avoid using hair products before passing the split-end cutter on the hair.

Should you cut top to bottom or bottom to top?

We cut the forks from top to bottom and not from bottom to top! To properly use the fork cutter, we will first turn on the device by selecting the arrow that goes down. Selecting the up arrow (a common mistake) may result in an uneven cut. We will then separate her hair into several strands and select one of them to place it between the teeth of the machine. We will then drag the device for a long time over the locks, from top to bottom. You can repeat the passage 1 to 5 times depending on the quality of the lock of hair (the drier the lock, the more passes it will take).

Do you have to go over the wicks several times with the fork cutter?

It is necessary to pass between 3 and 5 times on each wick with the fork cutter. The operation will take between 30 and 60 minutes in total (it all really depends on the length and thickness of your hair). Two errors are common among beginners: going over each lock only once (which will not have the desired effect) or, on the contrary, going over the lock too many times (which will damage the hair and take a lot of time ).

How to maintain your fork cutter?

Maintaining your fork cutter is very important for it to last. You should know that the cut forks will remain in a compartment of the device; it is important to empty the compartment with the brush supplied with the purchase. The forks could block the blades, which would damage the device! Then, you don’t leave the device lying around in your bathroom because it risks collecting dust: you have to turn it off and put it in your bag. The better the fork cutter is maintained, the longer it will last.

What is the right cutting frequency?

The correct frequency of trimming with a fork-cut straightener is every 2-3 months. Attention, a common error is to use it too often: it is useless. We should not use the split-end trimmer more often than every 2 months, and the use of the split-end trimmer should not exempt us from a regular visit to the hairdresser to refresh his cut and cut the ends.

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