5 pure flea fleas to guard a cat or kitten


Avoiding fleas in a tomcat is very important for his comfort as well as his health. Indeed, in addition to the usual continual itching, the cat can also be exposed to dermatitis or tapeworm (among other inconveniences). To face this scourge, there are of course solutions. As for natural remedies to eliminate them, we can rely on diatomaceous earth, black soap or apple cider vinegar. However, the ideal is prevention to prevent your pets from having to receive a flea shampoo or treatment full of chemicals. And in the matter, there are other options than the flea collar and the pest control lotion pipette bought from the vet. Discover some natural flea fleas to protect your cat or kitten from parasites. Also remember to spray it on your sleeping area for more efficiency!

If the infestation is declared, follow all the steps to treat your animal and its environment.

1) lemon among the flea repellants for cats

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Lemon has insecticidal virtues thanks to its d-limonene. We can therefore cut two lemons into pieces and add them to 1 liter of boiling water. Then let macerate overnight before filtering your solution. For the application, your pet may not be comfortable with the spray on his coat. To avoid annoying him, prefer to dip a comb or a brush in the mixture and make several passes in his coat. Also consider adding lemon to the laundry when cleaning your bedding to help exterminate flea larvae and eggs.

2) Brewer’s yeast, excellent against fleas

beer yeast glitter flakes
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Brewer’s yeast is often used in domestic animals to rebalance their intestinal flora and promote good digestion or even improve the quality of the hair and limit its loss. However, in cats as in dogs, this yeast is also a excellent natural flea. To do this, you can add a teaspoon per day to your food ration. However, not all cats accept it. Can also sprinkle the glitter directly on his coat. It is very effective! Here you just have to leave it on for a few minutes before brushing the bristles.

3) Lavender or chamomile, natural flea fleas that are gentle on cats

lavender chamomile
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These plants have an effect very soothing and can also act preventively against fleas. To do this, steep fresh lavender in water overnight or brew chamomile tea. Then apply the infusion of the chosen plant on its coat, either by spraying or by using a comb soaked in one of these natural solutions. Repeat regularly, or even daily if possible for more efficiency. And like the other solutions proposed here, these are flea flea without rinsing.

4) An association of anti-flea plants for your cat

aromatic herbs medicinal plants flowers herbal tea infusion
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Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat, you can use herbs and flowers to create an effective natural flea. To achieve this preventive herbal infusion, get some sweet mint (anti-pest), lavender (anti-stress repellant), rosemary (antiseptic and fortifier for the hair) and lemon verbena or dried lemongrass (to relieve its skin). In a salad bowl, place a small handful of each plant, then cover with a bowl of previously boiled water. Let infuse and cool before filtering to keep only the infusion. Like other treatments, this infusion can be sprayed or combed into the hair.

Use within 15 days and store at room temperature.

5) well diluted neem oil

It is very important to remember that essential oils are prohibited for felines. They cannot in fact metabolize the aromatic molecules present in an essential oil. This makes the essences very toxic for them, especially if they take the idea of ​​licking themselves. However, we sometimes recommend the use of very diluted neem oil (4 drops maximum in 20 drops of vegetable oil) to repel mosquitoes, ticks, sandflies and fleas by application on the neck, as for pipettes, monitoring for make sure the feline does not lick itself after application. To be on the safe side, you can also prepare a decoction of neem leaves.

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