5 pure tricks to relieve your again ache


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Back pain is often considered the evil of the century. Indeed, about 70% of French people have already suffered from this pain from carrying heavy loads or because of bad positions, for example. The most common form is called low back pain. Some pain will go away over time, but others will come back. Here are some natural tips to help you prevent and relieve your back pain.

In all cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor, especially if the pain persists.

1) Plants

Some plants will be very effective in relieving back pain. For instance, the meadowsweet has powerful analgesic properties that help reduce back pain. You can consume it in the form of a capsule, ointment or herbal tea.

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It also combines very well with other plants such aswhite willow bark which is recognized for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is indeed a natural aspirin!

Otherwise, yarrow is also an anti-inflammatory herb.

Finally, the harpagophytum (or devil’s claw) is recognized for relieve joint pain, muscles and tendons. It was thus used by the indigenous peoples of southern Africa to relieve a multitude of ailments, including rheumatic pains and digestive disorders. However, be careful with the dose consumed, because it must be adapted to the degree of your suffering! Ask your doctor for advice.

2) Use a back straightener

Adopt a posture corrector for your back will help you keep straight quite intuitively thanks to pads that support the lower back. So your spine will be preserved all in discretion. Indeed, it adapts to your body due to its flexibility and cannot be seen under clothing. With this device, your back pain will decrease after a few days!

3) Essential oils

There are a few essential oils that are beneficial in relieving your pain. The essential oil of wintergreen acts, for example, as a painkiller and very effective anti-inflammatory against muscle pain. It will act directly on the joints and muscles and will relieve you despite its strong smell.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil has a warming and soothing action. Thanks to its composition rich in terpene aldehydes, it will act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. For this, dilute a drop of lemon eucalyptus in four drops of vegetable oil and massage the painful area three to four times a day until symptoms improve.

There are also other effective essential oils which can relieve your back pain.

4) Do some physical activity

No, resting will not make you better unless you are in an extreme situation where you are unable to move or your doctor has recommended complete rest. So, in general, it is better to do some exercise so as not to weaken your back. You need to strengthen your back muscles, which helps prevent and reduce pain.

However, avoid tennis-type sports and prefer swimming, which will strengthen your back. You can also tackle yoga which, thanks to certain postures, will help you to relax your muscles. The downward dog position or the child’s posture, for example, relieves the lower back.

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5) Heat

After a good sports session or in case of persistent pain, apply a hot water bottle on the area to relax the muscles and relieve your back pain. Otherwise, do not hesitate to go to the sauna or the hammam or to take a good hot bath.

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