5 Constructive Influences of Love on Well being!


Well, we suspected a little…

It’s true that everything is fine when you love (and are loved). But it is much more than that.

Do you feel those palpitations? Do you see that smug smile in your mirror? Do you find yourself younger, in better shape, with less migraine? Yes ?

1. A more beautiful silhouette

Heart palpitations contribute to weight loss. It seems logical.

Some of you, to lose weight, may have already tried weight training electrodes.

Certain hormones produced by the feeling of love prevent you from being hungry and thinking about snacking. They also cause a hyperactivity.

Have you noticed these entire nights talking and making love, whereas before you were sleeping, without necessarily being in better shape?

Obviously, without counting the calorie expenditure… without going into details! 😉

2. Beautiful luminous skin

Endorphins give you a glowing glow. These are chemicals released by the brain when you fall in love and engage in sexual activity.

Better than a beauty cream, our hormones improve the irrigation of our skin. It becomes more supple, radiant and fights against aging.

Would you like to look 10 years younger? So make love at least thrice per week.

3. Less stress and no depression

Do you feel the legs failing, the hands becoming sweaty, the heart racing?

Dopamine is released, along with natural amphetamines, triggered by the brain, at the start of an intense romantic relationship.

One of them, phenylethylamine, present in less quantity in chocolate, reputed antidepressanthas effects similar to certain drugs.

The lover feels positive, joyful, even euphoric. He feels like he can take over the world.

In addition, sexual practice reduces stress: 1/2 hour and you burn 150 calories, 1 hour and you lose 300. And each of your orgasms releases the youth hormone (DHEA), which is a very good anti -depressant. It works a bit like sports.

4. Fewer migraines

Ladies, I am going to discredit you on this fundamental question for every couple: migraine is eliminated through the sexual act! There it is said…

Find another excuse now. Sex is more effective than a painkiller, girls!

Well, obviously it’s temporary, it’s about migraines occasionalor some sudden headaches due to a long day. If you need treatment from your doctor, take it!

5. A brand new happy heart

Love is good for the heart. Beyond adrenaline and dopamine, living in harmony has positive influences on blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and therefore on a healthier heart.

Less stress, we said, undoubtedly a better lifestyle and once again frequent and harmonious sexual relations that regulate the heartbeatmake us real young people in great shape!

Exactly like with the regular practice of a sport!

I guess you noticed how much better you felt being in love?

So, since it’s Valentine’s Day, try to remind yourself of it and show it to you a little…

A romantic outing, a little massage, a sleepless night under the duvet… you’ll look 10 years younger!

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