5 Indicators Your HVAC Unit Wants a Checkup


We all love it when summer comes. The warmer weather combined with longer days is a perfect environment for vacations, outdoor activities and late nights with family and friends. However, with the heat, your HVAC system needs to keep you cool and comfortable.

AC repair

Long before summer arrives, it’s best to make sure your HVAC system is working as it should. A well-functioning HVAC unit will help you avoid having to suffer from choking whenever you have to be indoors. Here are some telltale signs to watch out for:

1. Strange noises

Strange noise here refers to any unusual sounds your HVAC might produce. These can include noises such as clicking, hissing, squealing, squealing or popping.

In most cases, these sounds indicate that there may be a loose part in your HVAC system, a problematic belt, or some other related issue.

Therefore, do not wait for the issue to escalate into a major issue. These issues eventually lead to a complete shutdown of your HVAC system. Use professional services like HVAC service in Millcreek to handle the case.

2. Inconsistent Temperatures

In most cases, a general HVAC system should generate a consistent temperature throughout your home. There are multi-zone HVAC systems with features that provide varying temperatures within the same building; however, the system will display if this feature is available.

So, if you notice your HVAC system suddenly producing inconsistent temperatures, it might be time to schedule a checkup. Varying temperatures from room to room refer to one room freezing while another room is warm, or even from floor to floor.

3. Skyrocketing electricity bills

If your electric bill suddenly and drastically increases for no apparent reason, one place to start the inspection would be with your HVAC system. This is especially the case when a skyrocketing electricity bill is accompanied by any of the mentioned signs of a faulty HVAC system.

An HVAC system that continually has issues may be working overtime to keep up. The added stress will affect your electricity bills and lead to complete system failure. Therefore, to stop the problem in time, be sure to call for a checkup as soon as you notice these inconsistent temperatures.

4. Strange smells

A strange, lingering smell from your HVAC unit is another dangerous signal. The smell may be a burning, rotting, or musty smell coming from your outdoor compressor or air vents.

If the smell is a chemical smell, then even more reason to have your system professionally checked to rule out the possibility of a toxic leak.

5. Power fluctuations

Unlike your refrigerator, the manufacturers of these appliances do not design HVAC systems to turn on and off randomly. Therefore, once you notice your HVAC unit turning off and on randomly, it would be a good time to call for a professional examination.

Usually, the problem may be that your power supply is insufficient to keep your device running smoothly and it won’t take much to fix it. However, if left unresolved, a short cycle HVAC unit will damage your entire power supply, which is a fire hazard.

Alternatively, it can happen due to your HVAC system overheating. However, whatever its cause, the risks are always the same and just as dangerous.


All of the above signs begin with minor problems. However, left unresolved, all of these issues will lead to more serious issues that will lead to higher repair costs.

Rather than face those high repair costs, how much better it is to schedule a check even when you are not so sure what the problem is.

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