5 steps to take away yellowing from residence home equipment


Time flies for everyone, including our household appliances.

Baking soda

This recipe is very simple and effective, very easy to use and does not cause major damage to your body or your equipment. This trick is indicated for those who are starting to turn yellow, still at the initial stage.

To remove yellowing from devices with this tip, just take a damp sponge and, on the yellow part, put a little baking soda. Then rub on the yellow surface. Each time you move to another larger area, wet the ring again and apply more baking soda.

Finally, just use a damp cloth to remove the excess, taking care to leave everything dry.

Glycerin mixture

For equipment that is already darker, try this recipe to remove yellowing from appliances. To apply this trick, you need to mix equal parts xanthan gum, glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.

Mix everything until a homogeneous paste is obtained and apply to the device with the yellow part of the sponge, rubbing well.

Then wipe with a damp cloth, using a glove throughout the cleaning operation, so that your skin is not irritated.

Hydrogen peroxide

To remove yellowing from devices with this trick, it is important to wear gloves.

Wet a soft sponge in hydrogen peroxide and rub the yellow part of the device. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove the product.

The yellowish color is expected to disappear completely without any damage, due to the powerful whitening effect of hydrogen peroxide.


Soak the sponge in 1 liter of water, with 4 lids filled with dissolved bleach. Sponge on the affected area and leave it on for 15 minutes.

After this time, remove the excess with a damp sponge and, shortly after, with a dry cloth.

Chemical mixture

This trick consists of two chemicals that are very easy to find in the supermarket. Mix 2 teaspoons of Vanish with 200ml hydrogen peroxide, volume 30, forming a powerful stain removal solution.

After that, just use a sponge to pass this mixture to remove the yellowing of the devices, gently rubbing and leaving to soak for 10 minutes. Then just remove the excess product with the sponge itself.

However, it should be noted that this mixture is harmful to the skin, requiring the use of gloves to handle the solution for the duration of the procedure.

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