5 ideas for having free wifi all over the place


With the constant evolution of new technologieswe have been witnessing for several decades a real numerical revolution. We went from wired to wireless telephony in no time. The same goes for internet connections. Indeed, it is no longer enough to be installed on the front of a connected computer to be able to access the Internet. Thanks to the Wi-Fi technologyit is possible to connect to the internet from almost anywhere as soon as we are near a relay point.

The evolution of digital technologies has been accompanied by a widening of the ways to connect to the internet via WIFI. It is now possible to receive WIFI directly in the streets of cities, without being near a cyber café.

We are going to show you some tricks to be able to have WIFI for free and everywhere.

1. WIFI in urban areas

We notice that for several years, towns are beginning to equip themselves with WIFI transmitters in order to offer internet connection to users. With a quick registration on the platform of the city, you will be able to benefit from a stable and unlimited connection. In most of the cities concerned, the areas served by WIFI will be systematically indicated by panels, displays or even markings on the ground. This use is good heard free

2. WIFI in public transport

The field of transport has greatly extended its service offerings for years. It is no longer just a matter of transporting passengers from point A to point B, but of adding comfort to the journey. With a food service, adapted seats or WIFI, it is the improvement of passenger travel conditions that are targeted.

So you can find Free WIFI in trains, planes or boats. The principle remains the same, a quick registration on the service provider’s platform will provide you with direct and free internet access. To preserve the quality of the wifi, it is generally advisable not to watch movies/series in streaming.

3. WIFI in waiting or densely populated areas

We will now tell you about public places where you can access free WIFI. These are waiting areas such as train stations, airports or bus stations. Where there is scheduled waiting, you will certainly find free WIFI. This will allow you to wait for your public transport while taking advantage of your favorite social networks.

4. WIFI in cars

The developments are such that it is possible to have a WIFI connection directly to inside a car. It works like a connection to an internet box. Just enter the code provided by the vehicle and you will be able to benefit from internet access. Some automotive transport professionals can also offer this functionality to the users they transport. This is particularly the case for some taxis.

5. WIFI in the accommodations

When you go on a trip for work or for a family vacation, you usually stay in different accommodations. However, they all or almost all offer internet access through a WIFI connection. This will allow you to continue check your emails and other favorite applications while enjoying the comfort of your accommodation. We find this system in hotels, campsites or youth hostels. Everything is done to preserve everyone’s comfort.

As you will have understood, it is increasingly easy to be able to benefit from a free WIFI connection. Generally following registration on the platforms of organizations offering you WIFI. You are free to choose your connection point according to your places of visit.

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