5 Wall Lighting Ideas That Will Assist You Brighten Up Your Dwelling Areas


According to published figures by the EIA, the residential lighting market is changing rapidly, with LEDs becoming the top-selling type of lighting in just five years.

Use proper lighting when remodeling the kitchen.

So if you haven’t upgraded your lighting in the past few years, you’re falling behind. Now is the time to jump into modern, energy-efficient lighting designs to enhance the look and function of your home.

Let’s start by looking at your best wall lighting options.

1. Maximize your wall lighting

Wall sconces rarely take center stage in a home’s design. We usually inherit them from a previous owner and hardly think about them other than replacing the odd bulb.

According to pagazzi.com, the wall light does not need to fade into the background. You can use it to set the mood in your room, highlight focal points, or just light the way in small dark areas.

2. Types of wall sconces

You can use living room wall sconces for various purposes.

Strategically placed above or next to an eye-catching painting, they can create a focal point for your room. Placed next to a cozy armchair, they light up reading

Do you have a home office in your living space? A wall light placed above your desk allows you to work overtime without disturbing other family members.

3. Where to use LED wall light

Outside of your living room, you can use a wall sconce to light up a dark entryway, provide a night light for bathrooms, or a warm glow in a child’s bedroom.

An LED wall light consumes up to 75% less electricity than conventional lamps, so your electricity bills won’t skyrocket if you have to leave it on for a few hours a night.

4. Coordinate lights with your room design

Wall sconce designs are far behind the standard ornamental sconce. One look at a lighting store will have your head spinning with design choices.

It’s easy to find a fixture to suit any home design with materials ranging from metal to glass and everything in between.

5. You can use wall sconces anywhere

Have you read all of the above and thought, ‘that’s great, but what if I don’t have a lightbox where I want to put my wall light?’. Well, you can hire an electrician to help you, or you can opt for plug-in wall lights.

These versatile lights plug into the nearest power outlet and come with a pin-up kit that lets you place them wherever you want.

You can create a lighted space for bedtime reading, light up a kitchen counter for food prep, or even light up your front door for added security during dark hours.

Light up your home, light up your life

Don’t settle for the boring wall lighting that comes with your home. Take a look at a few interior design magazines or websites and you will see this type of lighting becoming more and more established as a design element.

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