50 birthday decorations for lady


Does the thought of finding a girl’s birthday decoration give you brainstorming? We have what you need. Indeed, important events in life, a birthday remains a memorable day. What’s more, a girl wants to share this moment with her other friends. Let’s see together 50 best ideas you can take inspiration from.

Choose a theme

To facilitate the choice of birthday decoration for your daughter, the choice of a theme beforehand is essential. Indeed, the theme is comparable to the coverage of this event. As it says a lot about the contents of a book, it will give a picture of what your party will look like.

How to make this choice?

  • Consider your child’s hobbies:

Indeed, this day is hers and the ideal would be to create a playful environment for her that she likes and could enjoy. Generally, they like cartoons, characters like princesses, superheroes like Ladyburg. To save time, you can consider your child’s opinion.

She is more apt to know what would suit her and her friends for pure entertainment.

  • Take into account the wishes of the children invited

From now on, it is also important that the other children have a good time. To do this, you can choose a mixed theme. Pirates or clowns are appreciated by girls as well as boys. However, if the guests will be girls only, a « girly » theme only. For example, princess or unicorn themes.

In addition, avoid an overly original theme, that is to say an idea that would not be known to all children. Even if it’s your daughter’s favourite, the goal is for everyone to have fun and have a good time. The other disadvantage if you choose a too original theme is to be limited in your decoration. It is therefore necessary to avoid themes that are too specific to avoid embarrassing your guests.

  • Choose a theme that suits your party venue

Speaking of location, you can use your home or a leisure space (park or play area). It’s easier to find a theme away from home than at home, because there’s often not a big space.

In the event that organizing the party at your home is your only option, you will have to take into account the space available when choosing a theme. Feel free to use your exterior. Some examples of themes:

Winnie the Pooh

It’s about living the Winnie the Pooh story. Specify on your invitation card that it will be a costume party and that everyone will have to dress up as their favorite character. Children love costumes. This is an opportunity to take pictures of the funniest moments.

A good buffet for a successful party, the Poohsticks game, the musical statues, the Piglet game, the donkey tail game, in short everything to live the story in your party. Indeed, the game of the musical statue or the musical chair amuses the children a lot. The principle is to dance to the rhythm of the music and to stop as soon as it stops.

The person who moves after is eliminated. The game continues until there is only one winner left. As for the chairs, you have to put one less than the number of participants. Children should circle around the chairs and sit down immediately when the music stops.

The loser is the one who finds himself standing, not forgetting that a chair is removed at each turn. These two games develop children’s agility.

Barbie doll

Barbie remains an unforgettable character in your daughter’s childhood. Through the ‘Barbie’ colors and accessories, you will find something to mark this day.

Alice in Wonderland

As you know, the decor will be inspired by your theme. For this you need to put flamingos, rabbits, and a mysterious cat. Also, thinking about a disguise is conducive to this theme. All it takes is an ear headband to transform into a bunny. Indeed, you cannot lack imagination to live a memorable birthday.

Little Red Riding Hood

In this decoration, you must necessarily provide red balloons, cookies, wood and the color red.

Snow Queen

The right time to choose this theme as a decoration is spring. Accessories like balloons, bottle of snow, silver flakes and confetti balloons. In addition, the essential colors are: blue, white and silver.

Snow White

The story counts the seven dwarfs and the sweet princess. The pure colors, and in the same way the staff. Indeed, it is a simple and modest theme in all its forms. However, there should also be fawn balloons, a whistling bird to represent the wicked witch.


A magical atmosphere, thanks to a decoration of sequins and confetti and magic wand. Some Abracadabra magic tricks to offer a sumptuous moment to your daughter.

Decorative accessories.

Beyond the themes, elements like balloons, garlands, candles and the color pink should not be missing. Nowadays, it is easy to find accessories specific to each theme on the internet. Thus, it would be easy to shop online. For a festive atmosphere, you can hear.

There is no shortage of ideas to live an experience that will live up to the event.

Choose a gift

Your daughter will love the idea of ​​receiving a gift. It’s a memorable moment, so take her desires into account so that she can use it today. To give you a boost, a personalized souvenir will please him. Some gift ideas:

  • A book
  • A jewel
  • A bike
  • A watch
  • A diary to record secrets and experiences
  • A stylish backpack
  • A scooter
  • Shopping time
  • A pendant

In summary, the themes for birthday decoration for girl aims to create an unforgettable experience for your child. Indeed, a birthday with a perfect decoration is the best opportunity to have fun for children and adults alike. Do not hesitate to share with us the ideas that have inspired you or others that you know.

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