50 fades that make a person irresistible


The male fade is a haircut for men that is shaved at the nape of the neck and lengthens towards the top of the head. It has been in fashion for years, surely you have already seen this type of haircut. Here are 50 gradients that are sure to make you irresistible.

1. Frizzy Hair Fade

This is a fade where the frizzy hair is kept short on the sides. A fade style is a great way to tame frizzy hair. It adds volume to your hair and makes it easier to comb.

2. Medium gradient.

This gradient is also very fashionable. Here, the fade starts well above the ears, on both sides and at the back of the head. However, it is not necessarily suitable for all face shapes, as it usually requires a small mass of capillaries on the top of the skull.

3. Middle gradient

As its name suggests, it is in the middle. Thus, the fade starts at the level of the ears, on the sides and at the back of the head. It is less aggressive than other gradients found in males, as it has looser boundaries. Moreover, it is very classy and gives the hairstyle a real glamour. It’s also a popular fade for men who want a fade without the aggressive drops like high fades.

4. High gradient on short hair.

If you want to keep your hairstyle balanced, you need to keep the short fades perfectly. You should go to the hairdresser more often to maintain very short hair. This cut is best suited for very short hair and retro styles. The sides should always be short to look good, but the slope should also be moderate and not too close together.

5. Gradient at the temples.

With this style, you can add some really cool details to your hair regardless of your hair type. Previously, temple fades were limited to temples. In other words, the hairdresser only treated a small area around the ears to achieve the gradation of the temples. After making a few changes today, I found this cut to be great not only for straight hair, but also for curly hair and short medium hair for men.

6. Low gradient.

As the name suggests, it is a male gradation with long hair on top of the head. The latter has the advantage of requiring much less maintenance than the gradients I have seen so far. Even if the hair grows back, the overall balance of the haircut will not be lost.

7. Low Gradient

He is very fashionable. A low fade should have a lower fade near the ears on the sides than the top of the ears on the back of the head. It’s really important to note that this is the perfect fade for men with thick hair.

8. Medium gradient.

As you can see, high layers look great with short medium hair. Consequently, the upper and lateral limits are less pronounced. You can also use lines to create high gradients to further mark the boundaries and add flair to the gradient.

9. Low to White Gradient

This haircut offers a neat and masculine style. To achieve this look as often as possible, you need to visit the beauty salon often.

10. High gradient.

Also goes well with a nice beard. It is a very stylish and trendy cut today.

11. Gradient to high white.

12. Low gradient.

13. Gradient to high white

14. Medium to White Gradient

15. Low gradient

16. Gradient at the temples.

17. Low gradient.

18. Low gradients.

19. Medium to white gradient.

20. Medium to white gradient.

21. Medium gradient.

22. Medium to white gradient.

23. Medium gradient with design.

24. Gradient at the temples.

25. High to white gradient.

26. Gradient at the temples.

27. Gradient at the temples.

28. Gradient to white.

29. Falling gradient + crop

30. Medium gradient.

31. Low fade hair forward.

32. Gradient to medium white.

33. Gradient at the temples

34. High fade

35. Gradient to Medium white.

36. Gradient to white.

37. Low to white gradient.

38. Low gradient + colored locks

39. Low fade

40. Gradient at the temples and the nape of the neck

41. Low-to-bench fade.

42. Gradient at the temples.

43. Medium White Gradient

44. Low gradient.

45. Gradient at the temples.

46. ​​High gradient

47. Low gradient with drawing

48. High gradient.

49. Low gradient + line

50. Medium to white gradient.

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