50 coiffure concepts for mild brown hair


You have brown hair and you don’t know how to give it shine or you want a new color for your hair? Just know that there are several shades. Depending on your skin tone and your preferences, you can transform yourself with this warm color that always looks very natural, that is to say chestnuts. Golden, dark, ash or coppery brown colors are undoubtedly good allies for your beauty, and can even enhance the features of your face and transform your image.

1. Curly Light Brown Hair

Almost dark blond, this type of brown appears brighter in the sun thanks to its golden reflections. However, this color tends to fade over time. Then you can combine it with brighter highlights.

2. Dark brown hair

This hairstyle is closer to brown than blonde. But that doesn’t stop you from showing off the beautiful golden or copper highlights in your hair. Dark brown is above all a matter of taste.

3. Honey Light Brown Hair

Ladies with blond or light brown hair, it is better to move on. Gourmet curls are reserved for fairly dark manes: chestnut, brown and black. Don’t hesitate to get started this summer! Honey browns are perfect for giving a ‘tanned’ effect to brown hair. The golden highlights, which are two to three tones lighter than the natural base, blend very well with the mass of the hair.

4. Coppery light brown hair

This color is for brunettes, auburns and dark blonde bases. At the salon, you will get an even block of color from root to tip of the hair. Or if you’re only painting the length and edges, leave the roots « natural » to create a sort of shadow.

5. Light ash brown hair

Unlike red and gold highlights, ash belongs to the cool highlights family and is slightly greyish. All hair colors can try ash. Ash brown looks like a warm color with cool highlights.

6. Dark Light Brown Hair

The dark light brown owes its name to its golden reflections. This bright and warm shade comes in many eye-catching hues, from golden brown to amber to cherry honey and acacia honey.

7. Natural light brown hair

A beautiful, natural light brown can be easily achieved with a base that falls somewhere between blonde and brown. A discreet scan is enough.

8. Golden light brown hair

The golden light brown color is easily recognizable. It looks like your hair is flooded with sun. Depending on where the light hits, the hair changes to two colors, giving off a sheen that seems to reflect off the surface of the water.

9. Light ash brown hair

First, it’s important to know that the term « ash » describes the reflection, not the exact color. In this case, start with a base color like blonde, brown and apply different types of highlights.

10. Coppery light brown hair

Brown is a shimmering color that reflects light like no other. Between blonde and brown hair, Being a neutral tone, this color is the easiest to wear. But it can also seem a bit mundane, versatile and everyday. But the advantage is that you can easily refuse to fix this. Copper brown is a particularly interesting option.

11. Golden light brown hair

12. Coppery light brown hair

13. Coppery light brown hair

14. Natural light brown hair

15. Golden light brown hair

16. Honey Light Brown Hair

17. Golden light brown hair

18. Coppery light brown hair

19. Dark Light Brown Hair

20. Honey Light Brown Hair

21. Natural light brown hair

22. Golden light brown hair

23. Coppery light brown hair

24. Natural light brown hair

25. Honey Light Brown Hair

26. Golden light brown hair

27. Natural light brown hair

28. Coppery light brown hair

29. Light Ash Brown Hair

30. Light Ash Brown Hair

31. Coppery light brown hair

32. Honey Light Brown Hair

33. Coppery light brown hair

34. Coppery light brown hair

35. Light Ash Brown Hair

36. Natural light brown hair

37. Honey Light Brown Hair

38. Natural light brown hair

39. Golden Light Brown Hair

40. Light Ash Brown Hair

41. Coppery light brown hair

42. Coppery light brown hair

43. Golden light brown hair

44. Honey Light Brown Hair

What hair color to choose?  The dilemma solved!

45. Natural light brown hair

46. ​​Golden light brown hair

47. Light brown hair.

48. Golden light brown hair

49. Honey Light Brown Hair

50. Light brown hair

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