50 prime bracelet tattoo concepts


From the most conspicuous, colorful or discreet behind the ear, the tattoo has truly come back to life. Today we are going to tell you about wristband tattoos, generally made with finesse and lightness.

tattoo needle

One tattoo is a process of bodily transformation that has been present in our societies for centuries. It consists in injecting ink, colored or not, under the first layers of the skin in order to create a pattern or a text.

The realization of a tattoo is done with a machine containing one or more needles.

This recognizable machine with its particular noise will rock you during your sessions of tattoo. From ancestral methods still exist today. Tapping on two pieces of bamboo, with needles attached to the end to force the ink in manually, is still practiced in Pacific countries.

Is it dangerous to get a tattoo?

One tattoo is painful. It is better to prepare morally and physically before getting a tattoo. Especially since tattoos are elements that will remain engraved on your skin for life. A tattoo artist must respect the specific hygienic conditions to avoid any risk of disease transmission following the use of non-sterile equipment.

Since 2021, some inks have been withdrawn from the market because they have been classified as carcinogenic. When the session is over, the healing phase can start. On average, it lasts between two and three weeks depending on the person. Too much exposure to the sun during this healing period can be risky for your health.

Why do people get tattoos?

Several reasons can explain the fact of wanting to get a tattoo. The first is to engrave on your body a significant element of your life, the birth, the death of a loved one, a trip. Depending on the cultures and styles used, each tattoo will have a specific meaning to the person who wears it.

Some may also use tattoos to belong to a group or community. Depending on the country, the tattoo can be considered a true work of art or even a fad. For people who have suffered physical trauma, the tattoo can also hide scars or enhance body shapes. Some people may also have tattoos in common. This can for example seal a friendship.

Some will think for years to get a tattoo and others will take the plunge on a whim. The fact that the symbolism of each tattoo is different fromperson to person makes this community very varied and diverse.

Here are the 50 most beautiful bracelet tattoo ideas that I would like to show you now in my collection of ideas:

Polynesian style tattoos:

Minimalist style bracelet tattoos:

The more elaborate bracelet tattoos:

Geometric bracelet tattoos:

Color bracelet tattoos:

Bracelet tattoos with Asian influence:

Bracelet tattoos with influence from the Nordic countries:

Here are some inspirations for bracelet tattoos, all parts of the body combined

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