50 High Canine Paw Tattoo Concepts


In France and in a large majority of countries around the world, the dog is considered as the most faithful companion of Man. First descended from Wolf and therefore not very close to our species, he ended up getting closer to it for the purpose of mutual benefit. It was therefore the first animal domesticated by humans since the Paleolithic. As a result, over time, the dog accompanied our ancestors in their various evolutions and epics without ever being disloyal.

The risland of the dog has varied enormously depending on the times and its geographical location. To date, the vast majority of these canids are represented by our domestic companions. However, there are still dogs for hunting, sledging, assistance, defense and guarding, narcotics detection and even more recently, detection of Covid-19. In addition, many disciplines in which master and dog can demonstrate their complicity and their skills (beauty, ring, agility, etc.) have emerged in recent decades.

This big proximity between this animal species and man necessarily leads to the creation of strong links and stories that some will choose to write on their skin. There are therefore a multitude of ways to represent your animal in the form of a tattoo, for example by having your portrait, your whole body or even the tattoo tattooed.footprint of his paws.

It is this type of tattoo discussed today in this article. Indeed, the imprint of one or two paws can mean the mark that the animal leaves in our life. Some will tattoo dog paws from a « classic » model with no specific link to any particular animal, but rather for their love of dogs or even animals in general.

This will be the case for, for example, people working in contact with dogs such as veterinarians and their assistants, mushers (sled drivers) or the dog brigadiers. The representation can be minimalist and small in size, for example on the wrist or the peg ; or it can be a larger and more pointed representation, with a relief effect on the skin thanks to a variation of the shadings.

Others will be able to tattoo themselves the footprint real picture of their dog from a drawing, photo, scan or even after putting their pet’s paw(s) in paint or ink to get a real representation of their footprints. In addition to the trace of the pad, there will also be details left by the hairs present under the legs, giving a more than realistic rendering.

These dog paw print patterns can also be accompanied by other ornaments such as a heart, the name of the animal, the date of its arrival in the family, its birth or its death. You can also find tattoos lifeline (drawing of an electrocardiogram) associated with a dog’s paw. These representations will most often be made in black and white, but color may also be added to the work.

Here below are some dog paw tattoos illustrating our point.

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