50 prime concepts for minimalist designs


You are probably interested in minimalist art and you don’t know how to start: it’s quite simple to discover in this article a rather fascinating branch of this art. Minimalist art in general is very elementary but at the same time particular. He can get a message across or achieve a goal just with a few strokes. We can count several branches in this style but here the attention is paid to the design. Indeed, minimalist drawing involves enough reflection and can be done in several styles, namely sketches, illustrations, and especially line drawings which are very popular elsewhere. Basically, there are several options available to you and you can simply let your imagination run wild.

In the following, discover 50 best minimalist drawing ideas.

1. The London clock.

The famous clock tower in England, known for its beauty especially at night with all its lights. It becomes a very beautiful pattern if it is a question of making a minimalist design.

2. A portrait in line drawing.

It is also possible to make a portrait with the line drawing. It seems more complicated with the inside of the face but this illustration shows us that it is quite possible.

3. A guitar.

We notice a combination of two styles of drawings. These are the minimalist drawing and the watercolor drawing.

4. Cutlery.

Unlikely drawing, it is cutlery drawn with the linear style. It would make a very nice reason to practice and gain more experience.

5. A sunset over waves.

Quite popular drawing: it illustrates a beautiful sunset in front of a raging sea. Except that in the drawing we will simply admire the subtlety of the drawing.

6. The Omer Simpson character.

Famous character of the series The Simpson, the drawing of Omer was made in a simple way in the standards of minimalist drawing.

7. A heart.

A minimalist drawing of a heart with details that give a touch to the final result of the drawing. This is what makes it special.

8. A couple in love.

It is also possible to make a pattern that is supposed to be complex with this kind of drawing style. In other words, it is universal.

9. Tinkerbell.

The fairy is a fantastic and imaginary character who would have superpowers. So it would be fascinating to try a sketch of this character.;

10. A rabbit.

Fairly simple pattern with very few lines, it is a representation of a rabbit made with felt in the minimalist style.

11. Simple body pattern.

12. A travel sketch.

13. An eagle in made of geometric shapes.

14. A World Map.

15. A deer.

16. Body of a woman.

17. A flower box.

18. A cat.

19. A wolf.

20. A kiss on the forehead.

21. A sunrise between the mountains.

22. Moose.

23. Brandenburg Gate

24. A hamster.

25. Mountains.

26. A kiss.

27. Body of a young girl.

28. The pyramids of Egypt.

29. Drawing in an unfinished style.

30. A squirrel.

31. Two hands.

32. A sneaker.

33. A girl in a glass.

34. Pattern of an airplane.

35. A porthole.

36. A couple.

37. A guitarist.

38. A little fox.

39. The Colosseum in Rome.

40. A boat.

41. The back of a young girl.

42. Minimalist design.

43. Drawing body shapes.

44. Representation of vacation in the countryside.

45. Drawing of a young girl.

46. ​​Representation of an image in the style of minimalist drawing.

47. Combination of flower and face.

48. Tower Bridge.

49. A leaf.

50. An angel.

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