50 high low bun concepts for inspiration


The chignon is one of the forms of hairstyle that has survived the times until the modern era. Indeed, this women’s fashion does not date from today and has also been very popular in the past. But, its beauty has never faded and till then, this choice still enjoys great popularity among women. It’s one of the best options to make yourself look better and shine brighter during outings. However, the low bun is even more famous for multiple reasons. So, are you looking for the perfect hairstyle for your outings? If yes, then here is the best option available to you.

Why bet on a low bun?

You may have noticed that more and more people are choosing the low bun for their haircut? This is no coincidence, because it is an option with many advantages. In fact, there are many reasons for this choice.

First, the low bun is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hairstyles in the world. She is blessed with such versatility that would suit anyone.

On the other hand, this cut is the perfect choice to highlight her face. It allows you to take care of your hair, to retain it and thus give great freedom to the face. Your cheeks, forehead and entire face will glow, making you stand out wherever you go.

Finally, this hairstyle combines both simplicity and artistry to give you an aesthetic that you will not find with all other hairstyles.

Are you lacking inspiration for your choice of low buns? No problem, since we have here some models that have something to give you ideas.

1/ Unusual buns

Here is a collection of low buns that has enough to offer you a panoply of choices. Here, you have several options under your belt. There is the low chignon in three parts and the neat one. Which one do you prefer?

2/ Messy bun

You don’t have to groom your hair to enjoy the wonders of a good low bun. This choice has something to give you ideas. But why not some color mixing?

3/ Low bun styled

Some prefer to have their hair neat and orderly. This hairstyle fits well with their idea of ​​the perfect hairstyle. It is simply a masterpiece that will make you much more attractive.

4/ Simple bun on straight hair

Do you have straight hair and do you like the low bun fashion? So choose this marvel that has something to dazzle you with. No other colors needed for this idea. As in the photo, release a few hairs in places for more style.

5/ Curly black bun

This is the perfect hairstyle for those with curly hair! This option is ideal for all occasions.

6/ Low bun with side fringes

How about making one of the most awesome hairstyles in the world? Just take a look at this marvel and let us know what you think!

7/ Black bun with a hint of gray

Do you have a wedding in mind and wondering what hairstyle would suit you? Do not hesitate to choose this one. It has something to make your face shine. But, a bit of light colors would make it more perfect.

8/ Low bun on blonde hair

What masterpiece for your remarkable outings? You will have enough to attract all the spotlight on you at each of your outings.

9/ Low bun on blonde hair with a hint of gray

This is what you get when you choose the low bun on your blonde-dark hair! Isn’t that impressive?

10/ Layered hair with a low bun

This groom hairstyle is a perfect idea to make you stand out at your wedding. Only, a little more black would have more effects.

11/ Low bun on disheveled hair

A date in sight and you can’t decide on your hairstyle? This is enough to make a remarkable entry.

12/ Bohemian style bun

How about a low chignon in bohemian style? However, it takes a little more black than gray to complete this marvel.

13/ low chignon imposing woman

Do you like being in control? Match your hairstyle to your style. Here is the hairstyle you need for this purpose.

14/ Classic bun on blonde hair

Go for an old-fashioned low bun on your gorgeous blonde hair. Nothing more, nothing less to reveal your beauty.

15/ Simplicity in a bun

Are you a fan of simple art? So, this well-groomed low bun has something to make you attractive. How about adding some black to it?

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