50 high messy updo concepts


The disheveled style with a bun is gaining more and more ground among women. Indeed, the hairstyle has always been a real weapon of seduction for the ladies. Precisely, speaking of hairstyle as a feminine weapon, there is the disheveled bun.

If the bun does not date from today, the disheveled hairstyle is not so far away. It has become much popularized with modernity.

However, it must be recognized that it is one of the most efficient and attractive choices that exists.

This way of looking disheveled appeals to many men. So you want to attract attention and you’re looking for the lethal weapon? If so, then you did not go to the wrong address by visiting this site.

The advantages of the disheveled bun

This form of hairstyle has wide advantages. It is for these that more and more people are interested.

First, the messy bun is known to attract attention. You will definitely want to look at a hairstyle that appears to be messy. You will quickly realize that it is simply art.

Also, this is a laid back style that gives less of the stuck up attitude. It is a hairstyle of great freedom.

Then, it is a mark of elegance. This explains why so many people make this choice. It confers great beauty, but also simplicity.

Finally, the disheveled bun is less demanding. It is known for its high durability. Even if one of your strands pulls out, you will still be very elegant. It requires less maintenance.

So some ideas to inspire you?

1/ Disheveled low bun

Here is without doubt one of the easiest and fastest buns to do. Very simple, but full of charm. The few wisps of hair on the sides are attention tips, especially when the wind gets involved.

2/ Low bun with hair curls

How about giving your hair a whole new look? If you’re looking to get inspired, then you’ve got your sights set on this.

3/ Messy bun with hair in a ponytail

A younger hairstyle to make you more beautiful? So here is the perfect option to dazzle you. With well brushed hair like that of Snow White, you will have a very satisfying result.

4/ Messy chignon on straight hair

Do you have straight hair? So why not try this haircut? This is an uplifting bun that looks like clouds. With a few fringes on the side, it will be a total success.

5/ Disheveled hairstyle for simple people

This hairstyle is well suited for lovers of simplicity. This is a style that you can easily do at home. Very simple, but very attractive.

6/ Messy hair half bun

So, how about this hairstyle? Isn’t that impressive? Not a gray bun, but with well groomed hair.

7/ Messy bun for professionals

Want a slicked up messy bun for your commute to work? Here it is with all its simplicity of realization. By putting yourself in front of the mirror, you will get there.

8/ Black low bun with a hint of blond

An appointment in the viewfinder? You can count on a hairstyle that is too showy, but attracts attention.

9/ Bun in curls

Adopt the style of the desperate woman to seduce, it’s an interesting trick. Hair neat, but loose to attract attention.

10/ Messy bun wedding

A disheveled style for the wedding? It’s a great idea to stay zen and stay relaxed. This hairstyle has everything to make you look better.

11/ Falling bun

This hairstyle is poetic and can give you all the beauty you desire. Fallen, but attractive.

12/ Neat bun

And if you choose a more polished style? This is what it gives!

13/ Messy smooth bun

You want a lighter hairstyle for your head. If yes, then this choice has something for you.

14/ Disheveled blonde chignon

An all-blonde bun? This is a great idea, if you like the gold style. This form of hairstyle is very uplifting and attracts attention. However, a little gray or black would make it even more attractive.

15/ Tapered drooping bun

This choice would also be a very light option. This style is perfect for your outings, but also for the professional setting.

16/ Light upside-down bun

Here is a wedding hairstyle that you will definitely enjoy? It is characterized not only by its simplicity, but also by its lightness.

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