50 Prime Pikachu Pixel Artwork Concepts


We are now going to talk to you about Pixel Art. Pixels are small squares that can change color to display images. Before modern screens reached us, televisions had graphics cards with pixels. Who has never seen a small black square appear in the middle of the screen when watching the news? Pixels are part of our society and have allowed us many technological advances.

Do you know the pixelated world?

When we went to the arcade halls to have a good time with his friends, our favorite characters began to come to life with video games. In video games of the 80s, everything was pixelated. Square contours therefore appear.

Some of the best-known video game licenses have come a long way since the era of arcade cabinets. The pokemon license among others has seen its notoriety explode over the decades. The same goes for one of its star protagonists: Pikachu.

The little yellow electric creature is still today the muse of this digital world. Many paintings, graphics or art have been created to represent Pikachu. And this is also the case with pixel art. Let the pixels appear when drawing shapes, that’s the goal of pixel art.

How to represent as faithfully as possible a hero of the teenagers in his original illustrations?

Simply by going back to the basics. By taking back the images of Pikachu when he was starting to appear on the screens.

If you are new to making pixel art, the easiest way is to start manually. On a sheet with small squares, you will be able to visualize the pixel very easily. Colored markers will also do the trick to give life to your design. You can also do it as digital via a computer or tablet by uploading your model and decal, or for the most gifted, let your imagination run free by creating your design from scratch. You can help yourself with a small square sheet, this will facilitate the different lines.

Acrylic pencils, of the Posca type, are well suited to creating a Pikachu pixel art for example. They have fine and precise ends to avoid overflowing.

Where can we find models to find inspiration?

Here are the best special Pikachu Pixel Art ideas that I can offer you to illustrate this article:

Most of the drawings or creations below are in color. This shows you a wealth of creative possibilities.

Some ideas of disguised Pikachu:

minimalist pikachu
You see that this image has a numbered grid as well as a legend to apply the colors.

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