50 prime polar blonde balayage concepts


Blonde sweeping consists of partially coloring your hair blonde. The goal is to provide a little light and shine to the hair; not to give you a blonde shade but to reveal the natural blonde color of your hair. There are several types of blond balayage depending on the result you want to achieve. Among them, the “clear” one also called hightlight scanning. It brightens your face and reveals dull hair.

How to get a light blonde balayage?

To obtain a polar blonde sweep, you must make the hair light and carry out a complete or partial discoloration. Since the discoloration is likely to weaken the hair fiber, it is suggested to women who have a light base to reduce the discoloration as much as possible in obtaining the result.

Here are some polar blonde balayage illustrations.

1. Mid-length bob with fringe.

Fleece blonde balayage on a mid-length cut, with the bangs adding a plus to the cut.

2. Smooth bob on polar blonde hair.

Partial sweep from the base of the hair which gives a Tie and Dye effect.

3. Mid length bob

It can also be done on a mid-length cut: it is also the ideal length.

4. Smooth Layered Bob.

This is a much more visible Tie and Dye.

5. Mid-length bob on fleece blonde hair.

Here, the balayage is much softer and barely noticeable.

6. Balayage with Polar Blonde Stripes.

Rare and daring style. The stripes are quite risky as a cut but when they are successful the result is magnificent.

7. Short haircut with bangs.

Sweeping is also done on short cuts and the result remains the same: very beautiful.

8. Short haircut.

Like the previous cut, this is also a short cut with which the balayage is quite successful.

9. Fleece blonde hair in shaggy style.

The Shaggy style is very suitable for everyone and that’s what makes it very trendy at the moment.

10. Smooth mid-length bob.

Just like other haircuts, the smooth mid-length cut is also perfect for sweeping.

11. Short haircut with stylish bangs.

12. Medium long shaggy style bob.

13. Mid-length gradient square.

14. Short bob.

15. Partial Polar Blonde Balayage.

16. Half-long bob.

17. Polar blonde balayage on chestnut hair.

18. Sleek mid-length bob.

19. Partial Polar Blonde Balayage.

20. Polar blonde balayage with dark hair base.

21. Polar blonde balayage on long bob hair.

22. Short Bob.

23. Fleece blonde balayage on long slick cut.

24. Fleece blonde balayage on a mid-length cut.

25. Half-long bob.

26. Polar blonde sweep on a mid-length square cut.

27. Partial Polar Blonde Balayage.

28. Mid-length bob with stylish bangs.

29. Polar blonde balayage on a wavy cut.

30. Stylish polar blonde balayage.

31. Medium shaggy bob.

32. Mid length bob with center parting.

33. Partial Polar Blonde Balayage.

34. Short haircut.

35. Mid length bob.

36. Polar Blonde Balayage on Short Haircut.

37. Short haircut with bangs.

38. Partial Polar Blonde Balayage.

39. Superficial polar blonde balayage.

40. Total polar blonde balayage.

41. Medium length bob with waves.

42. Mid-length bob with wave.

43. Polar blonde balayage on a smooth cut.

44. Braid on fleece blonde hair?

45. Mid length bob with center parting.

46. ​​Short haircut with stylish bangs.

47. Polar blonde sweep on a mid-length square.

48. Long square.

49. All over polar blonde balayage on a bob cut.

50. Mid-length bob with partial blond balayage.

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