50 high quick plunging bob concepts


The short plunging square cut is back in the spotlight this year. Having already had a great popularity a short time ago, this hairstyle has made a comeback and the public seems to love it. This hairstyle is characterized by long hair in front and short behind and having the plunging effect as its name suggests. It is currently a leading choice not only because of its simplicity, its very refined look, but also for all the charm it offers to the wearer.

So, do you have a meeting scheduled or just want to go to a business meeting or a walk with friends? If yes, then this type of hairstyle deserves your attention. Moreover, many reasons push so many people to choose this cut.

Why choose the short plunging square?

There are a significant number of reasons that justify this great public craze for this wonderful hairstyle.

The great simplicity that this hairstyle shows is reason enough to be interested in it. Indeed, it is a hairstyle that does not clutter the head and allows the air to touch the head. Your skull muscles will be able to breathe easily.

On the other hand, this magnificent cut is also recognized for its elegance. Despite its very simple appearance, it always offers more beauty to whoever adopts it.

Finally, if you want to have a go-anywhere hairstyle, then this choice would definitely suit you. It can be worn both for your outings and for your professional activities. It is also a trick of seduction very appreciated by women.

Here, you are entitled to a whole multitude of choices in terms of short plunging square. With our collection of all shapes of short plunging squares, you will easily find what you are looking for.

1/ Short plunging hair black on blonde

This is one of the easiest and simplest cuts you can do. It is a hairstyle that is suitable for women with short faces and round heads.

2/ Short dive leaning sideways

Give yourself great versatility by opting for this hairstyle! It is perfect for the professional setting, but also to seduce.

3/ The short plunging bob in pixie style

Want to highlight your face? If yes, then here is the ideal hairstyle for this purpose. It has enough to fuel your charm and make you more attractive.

4/ Short plunging romantic style

Seduction is the power of the hairstyle and it shows well with this cut. So, it’s the choice to make if you want to pull out all the stops during your romantic dates.

5/ Plunging short tapered hair

Have a lighter head during your outings? It is better to choose a tapered plunge cut. Of course, a bit of black on this cut would be more perfect.

6/ Plunging very short blonde

You can cut your hair lower and have an unstoppable style. For this cut, trust your hairdresser! However, remain free for the choice of color.

7/ The short wavy bob

This very short stars hairstyle is also a perfect going out option. Although very simple, it offers great charm.

8/ Plunging short on styled hair

Well-groomed fashion is a great idea for this season. You will leave mouths open by making this choice.

9/ A very short blond-grey bob

This square is suitable both for gallant dinners, for outings, but also for the professional setting. Kill three birds with one stone!

10/ Short gray pixie with small fringes

For a woman in her 40s, this hairstyle is enough to bring her back to her 30s. It has a great rejuvenating power that you will benefit from.

11/ Plunging short on satiny hair

This is the perfect look for women with character. Gain respect by making a unique hairstyle choice.

12/ Very short pixie

The great freedom can be seen in this cut. It is less bulky and gives you a resplendent look.

13/ Plunging short with hair on the side

There is no doubt that business women will be seduced by this magnificent haircut. It could even serve as a wedding hairstyle.

14/ Pixie short degraded with semblance of fringes

This gorgeous holiday hairstyle is waiting for you this summer. It is undoubtedly very simple, but more relaxed.

15/ Blonde short bob raised

Embrace romance fashion to catch the eye on your next outing! This hairstyle has something to help you do that.

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