52 Enjoyable Presents for Anybody Who Must Loosen up in 2022: Bearaby, Amazon, Kin, Lunya, Etsy


With ever-increasing deadlines, responsibilities, and a constantly chaotic news cycle, it might seem like relaxing gifts won’t even begin to soothe the burnout some of us are feeling. But sometimes supporting someone you love (including yourself) through a stressful time comes in the form of a sweet, thoughtful gift to remind them that they deserve to slow down. Fortunately, the internet has no shortage of options to help restore a much-needed sense of calm, many of which make excellent self-care gifts for the holidays.

Because yes, the holidays are just around the corner, and we get it: every year it feels like the pressure of holiday shopping is coming earlier and earlier. Do you have any advice for relieving yourself of the stress associated with shopping? 1) Shop early to avoid last-minute shipping issues, and 2) Scroll through our relaxing gift ideas below (so you don’t have to search for them yourself).

Below, you’ll find comfy pajama sets, soothing ice cream rollers, sleep products, and, of course, sex toys from feel-good brands like Lunya, Bearaby, and Kiehl’s. Whether you’re looking to treat your favorite person to spa-quality treatments at home or are looking for useful products that provide a mental escape, these relaxing gifts will provide the best kind of mood control. After all, it’s hard to feel tense while cuddled up under a comfy blanket with a melatonin-infused nightcap, right?

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