53 Ornament Concepts To Revamp (and Beautify) Your Bathrooms Simply.


Fortunately, it’s easy to spruce up your toilets and give them a makeover.

You can transform your practices into a welcoming and pleasant space.

…but you will also impress your guests.

2. Modern Style

Toilets with a graphic style on the wall

3. With a bookcase to save space at home

A library integrated into a toilet

4. Believing yourself in the jungle

A jungle atmosphere in a toilet

5. With black and white colors

Toilets decorated mainly in black and white

6. With a vintage style

Toilets with white walls and a vintage style

7. With light colors

Very simplistic toilets with an olive-colored wall and the other part in white

8. With the walls painted black

Toilets with a totally black wall

9. With subway tiles

A restroom that is covered in white tiles with a black wall and a chalkboard

10. With a turquoise wall

A toilet with a square turquoise wall with a large horizontal mirror and sinks

11. With a natural and luminous style of wood

A natural and luminous style with wood in toilets

12. With a way to know you’ve been there

Several chalk writings on black walls in a toilet

13. With a chic black and white style

Black and white toilets with a chic style

14. With lots of newspapers

Lots of newspapers stuck to the wall in a toilet

15. With yellow all over

Toilets with yellow walls and small black writings

16. With various colors

A toilet with a tiled wall with several colors

17. With scriptures on the wall

White writings on a black wall in a toilet

18. With an illusion of space

A poster of an aisle creating an illusion of space in a restroom

19. With a huge fingerprint

A toilet with a huge fingerprint on the wall in the background

20. With deep color

Toilets with mauve colored walls

21. With a mix between white and black

Toilets with black and gray walls

22. With totally gray colors

Completely gray toilets

23. With polka dot wallpaper

A toilet with a wall painted with golden polka dots

24. By providing hand towels

Toilets with two pink towels provided

25. With a futuristic style

Toilets with a futuristic style and lights built into the walls

26. With tiles on the mural

Gray wall tiles in a toilet

27. With some plants

Plants on a shelf in a toilet

28. With walls painted in two colors

A toilet with a blue and white wall

29. With two quite dark colors

A toilet with a dark style with black and green walls

30. With a message that goes well with the colors of the toilets

A golden message written on a brown wall

31. With pastel pink walls

A washroom with all-pastel pink walls

32. With a tropical vibe

A toilet with a jungle-style wallpaper full of flowers

33. By putting a funny message

A toilet with a dark style and a pretty funny message on the shelf

34. With hexagonal tiles on the wall

Toilets with colorful hexagonal tiles on the wall

35. With a morpion in decoration

Toilets with small shelves for toilet paper that look like a noughts and crosses

36. With a ceremonial vibe

Toilets with a red carpet and white and red inflatable balloons against the wall

37. With cement tiles

A toilet with tiles from top to bottom with several patterns on it

38. With a holiday vibe

A restroom with a holiday vibe with palm trees on wallpaper

39. A mix between a blue wall and white tiles

A blue wall with white tiles just below in a toilet

40. With colorful floral wallpaper

A wallpaper in a jungle style with lots of flowers in a toilet with a small sink

41. With green toilets

Toilets with multiple colors and a green toilet

42. With lots of small photo frames

All black toilets with lots of small photo frames hanging on the wall

43. By putting them in the bathroom

Toilet introduced in a corner of the bathroom

44. By putting a map of the world on the wall

A toilet with a map of the world on a brown wall as a decoration with two shelves

45. With a mix of colors

A toilet with a blue wall and another with a wooden style and small plants on the floor

46. ​​With several green plants

Toilets with several decorative plants

47. With golden decoration

Black toilets with a touch of gold on some decorative details

48. With white tiles

Toilets with white tiles on the wall and patterns on the floor

49. By putting wooden shelves

A toilet with two wooden shelves just below and patterns on the floor

50. An original roller storage in the toilet

Toilets with a special storage shelf underneath for toilet paper

51. With 3D cubes wallpaper

Blue toilets with wallpaper featuring 3D blue cubes

52. By putting a small faucet above the toilet

A faucet installed just above the toilet

53. With yellow details

Toilets with yellow decorative details and tiling on the wall

Your turn…

Do you know of any other decorative ideas for your toilets? Comment in the comments to find out if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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