56 prime wrist tattoo concepts


It could happen one day that the watch loses its monopoly on the decoration of the wrist among men. It’s a possibility you can think of when you notice how hard tattoo studios work to develop designs to adorn the wrists. This is obviously something that interests the public more and more. However, whether for men or women, the concern is shared, especially about the choice of an ideal pattern to wear on your wrist.

The list of the 56 most beautiful wrist tattoo ideas offered to you could therefore serve as a guide to make your choice without being an exhaustive list.

1. An hourglass.

An hourglass tattoo very often evokes patience and human helplessness in the face of time.

2. A snake with flower decor.

The snake and the flower are two closely related motifs and generally their common point is simply femininity.

3. Very impressive tribal pattern.

Tribal pattern in a blackwork style made in cuff.

4. Minimalist tattoo.

What characterizes minimalist patterns is their shape and subtlety. They are also very easy to hide anywhere.

5. Compass tattoo.

Compass tattoos are very popular especially among people who love adventure. They usually symbolize orientation towards destiny.

6. A Louis Vuitton balaclava.

The balaclava often relates to anything related to gangs, the streets, the ghetto etc. But in the world of tattooing it’s quite simply a very beautiful motif, especially if it is branded Louis Vuitton.

7. Minimalist pattern of a snake.

One of the most beautiful snake tattoos is the minimalist design. Very nice achievement.

8. A Phoenix in a minimalist style.

The Phoenix represents rebirth, cycle and eternity. It is for this reason that many people love to get tattoos of this kind of pattern.

9. An angel wing.

The angel wing in the field of tattooing primarily symbolizes protection and freedom.

10. A rose made of banknote petals.

Here is a brief summary of the words love and money both.

11. Moon and sun.

12. A representation of mountain tops.

13. A tree.

14. Representation of a clown’s smile.

15. A lotus flower.

16. Stars.

17. A lock and a key.

18. The Great Wave off Kanagawa on a tape.

19. Very subtle pattern.

20. A plane in the clouds.

21. The Flying Stick from AVATAR.

22. Koi poisons.

23. White ink tattoo.

24. Minimalist pattern.

25. Motif of a centaur.

26. Dream

27. A symbol of music.

28. Celtic tribal pattern.

29. Minimalist pattern of a plane and its heart trip.

30. Face of a feline in a triangle.

31. Tribal pattern.

32. Mexican tattoo in tribute to the dead.

33. A rosary.

34. A date.

35. A pair of lions.

36. Minimalist pattern of an elephant.

37. Initial of a name.

38. Head of a ram.

39. A name in a minimalist style.

40. Lace tattoo.

41. Minimalist tattoo.

42. Dragon tattoo.

43. Very meaningful tattoo.

44. Wolf head tattoo.

45. Golden world map tattoo.

46. ​​Two birds on a small branch.

47. A cuff with a 3D pattern.

48. “Love Yourself”

49. An angelic smile and an evil smile.

50. Moon and sun in a minimalist style.

51. A world map.

52. An eagle.

53. A diamond.

54. Pattern in the style of blackwork.

55. Chinese writing.

56. Bracelet patterns in a very opaque style.

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