6 anti-stress important oils to knock out nervousness


Difficulty concentrating, feeling of a lump in the throat, churning stomach, insomnia, irritability, flashes of anxiety or even panic attacks… The various manifestations of anxiety can weigh heavily on our health and our morale on a daily basis, especially when it is stress sets in over time. And if there is no magic natural remedy to get rid of couple problems or solve all the vagaries of life, we can always at least find a way to take care of ourselves and calm down with natural remedies from the alternative medicine. In this regard, aromatherapy is very popular. Opting for the right anti-stress essential oils can indeed provide quick relief from nervousness, but you still have to choose the right ones! Discover the best plant essences to reduce tension and soften overwhelming emotions (fear, panic, worry, etc.).

1) Lavender essential oil, the queen of essential oils against stress

lavender essential oil
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Both true lavender and fine lavender offer a wide spectrum of uses: in olfaction (to breathe in the bottle or on your sheets), in diffusion, in skin massage on the wrists, back, shoulders or solar plexus. , etc This is rather good, because it allows the very stressed to use them in the way they prefer, being able to combine these various uses to maximize the calming and sedative potential very effective of this plant with a delicate aroma. Quickly, it will thus make it possible to lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension linked to anxiety. This Swiss army knife will therefore be a must in your synergies of essential oils to fight against stress.

2) Bigarade petit grain

The essential oil of petit grain bitter orange or petit grain bitter orange has, like sweet orange, a strong anxiolytic power. Properly used, this oil is both very relaxing for the nerves and decontracting. With the petit grain bigarade, we quickly forget the heart beating too fast and the knot in the throat felt when stress attacks us. In addition, it also acts at the digestive level thanks to its antispasmodic properties. Thus, we can also say goodbye to cramps, spasms and other stomach aches that shake our insides. Inhaled deeply or massaged on the wrists after a 10% dilution, this oil will accompany you gently on a daily basis, especially during your transition periods (for example when changing jobs).

3) Roman chamomile to relax and finally feel soothed

chamomile essential oil
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Like lavender, Roman chamomile essential oil can be used in different ways and has few contraindications. Very anxiolytic, but also sedative, it helps to calm an agitated and anxious nervous system. It is very commonly used in case of an anxiety attack or emotional shock. However, it will also do wonders for relieving muscle tension, helping to regain quality sleep or even relieving stress-related stomach aches. In short, it is often referred to asoil of « letting go ». To use it, dilute it at 10% in a vegetable oil (eg sunflower oil) and massage your wrists and forearms with it up to 4 to 5 times a day maximum. You can also breathe it deeply into the bottle.

4) Clam marjoram essential oil among the best essential oils for stress

Shell marjoram essential oil is much less known than its counterparts. Do not imagine that it is less effective for all that! Indeed, its calming and sedative benefits as well as its powerful regulatory properties on the nervous system make it very effective against all disorders of nervous origin. This natural anxiolytic helps to fight against anxiety, fight insomnia, but also reduce nightmares. It is also a valuable aid against irritability or aggressiveness. It can be used in an essential oil diffuser to soothe stress. Alternatively, it can be diluted in vegetable oils and massaged along the spine.

5) Ylang-ylang essential oil, pleasant and soothing

Ylang-Ylang essential oil
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With its amazing smell, it’s make or break! However, if you are one of those that its smell does not put off, it will do you wonderful services. This natural sedative ultra voluptuous indeed allows to reduce stress, the heart palpitations it causes and low morale. This exotic oil is also an excellent aphrodisiac and an unparalleled anti-depression. Stressed people can therefore use it to let go a little and promote nervous relaxation. Do not hesitate to add 6 to 10 drops after diluting in salt or vegetable oil for total relaxation. You can also dilute two drops in 4 drops of sunflower oil to massage on the wrists and breathe for a long time.

6) Neroli essential oil to soften emotions

The delicious floral scent of neroli essential oil is a call to well-being that will particularly strike a chord with people with emotional and hypersensitive temperaments. Already very effective in calming the nervous system, sleep disorders and anxiety, neroli oil also helps to release nervous tension and reduce restlessness. It would also act on the lack of self-confidence. It can be used in diffusion in a diffuser with other compatible oils (with lavender or bigarade petitgrain, it gives an exquisite fragrance!). Otherwise, it is possible to simply pour a few drops into a bowl of very hot water to inhale the vapors for a long time.

A synergy of essential oils against acute stress

essential oils
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To obtain a complete very relaxing mixture to deal with stress, mix:

50 ml apricot kernel vegetable oil
50 ml of sweet almond vegetable oil
5 ml essential oil of marjoram with shells
2 ml fine lavender essential oil
2 ml of bitter orange petitgrain essential oil

Transfer this mixture to an airtight bottle. Then proceed to a gentle massage of your upper back and your solar plexus with a few drops of this synergy. Preferably, use it in the evening before going to bed, taking advantage of a calm environment. Repeat this ritual every night for three weeks, then take a week off. This therapeutic window is very important when using essential oils.

Anti-stress essential oils: pay attention to the precautions for use

Some essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women as well as for young children. There are also allergic risks, hence the importance of doing a test in the crook of the elbow before any application to the skin. More generally, do not hesitate to find out about the contraindications or to seek advice from a professional if necessary.

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