6 DIY Tiger Balm Recipes


Hello girls, today I invite you to discover 6 absolutely brilliant recipes that will allow you to discover variants of tiger balm that you can make yourself very easily.

Whether it be to save money Or just to get a personalized Tiger Balmto offer or to treat yourself and why not then make it a shop to sell your own tiger balm if you see that your friends like it and ask you for it ;).

You will see in reality it is very easy, I advise you to use organic coconut oil ideally or vegetable oil of your choice as a base like olive oil why not.

You can also choose to add honey to one of the recipes if you want to make your Tiger Balm effective against dry skin or cracks for example.

I therefore invite you to try one of the recipes that I propose to you below for then once you have all the basic ingredients why not let your imagination run wild and make a tiger balm with peanut butter for example also :-).

Here are 6 tiger balm recipes you can try making yourself:

  1. Tiger balm with camphor:
  1. Ginger Tiger Balm:
  1. Cedar Tiger Balm:
  1. Chamomile Tiger Balm:
  1. Rosemary Tiger Balm:
  1. Thyme Tiger Balm:

For each recipe, it is enough to follow the same method of preparation as indicated in this article. Do not hesitate to adjust the quantities of ingredients according to your preferences or to use other essential oils to vary the scents.

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