6 straightforward and cheap tricks to insulate your home windows from the chilly


When the windows are poorly insulated, it can be felt very badly once the fall-winter has set in. In addition to the cold that penetrates inside, there is also a loss of heat which forces us to increase our heating expenses to compensate. Moisture can also set in more easily, leaving condensation to cover the glass surface (window, bay window, French windows or skylight). Also, ensuring that your windows are properly insulated saves money, improves day-to-day comfort and benefits from better soundproofing. However, even with aid, we cannot necessarily always afford to do work. Whether you have single or double glazing, however, there are tips that work very well to gain insulation without breaking the bank!

Quickly adopt these practical tips to avoid spending too much on heating because of your windows! You will see that it does not take much to keep the heat in your place of life and spend the winter warm.

Choosing the right PVC, wood or aluminum window: an important prerequisite for good insulation

Admittedly, window renovations are quite expensive. Nevertheless, if you have no other choice, even if it means being there, you might as well make the right choice. The windows in fact represent “only” 10 to 15% of losses in a house. However, choosing them well will not only allow good insulation in summer and winter, but also limit the feeling of humidity in your rooms and improve your acoustic comfort by reducing exterior noise pollution. Replacing old joinery therefore brings more comfort in various respects.

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For the choice of materials, each has advantages and disadvantages. Full of character, the wood offers good performance and an attractive price in addition to a satisfactory eco-balance if you opt for certified wood. Be careful, however, to opt for a wood classified 3 or 4 to limit your exposure to polluting treatments. In addition, take into account the fact that if it is easy to repair with wood putty in the event of an impact, the wood will be more ‘tedious’ to maintain, a stain being applied to the frames approximately every two years . The PVC window represents the choice the most economical and easy to maintain. However, the materials used are neither renewable nor recyclable in addition to releasing chemical vapours, especially during fires. Finally, aluminum displays longest lifebut also an environmental balance sheet is rather unfavorable despite effective recycling linked to its manufacture which involves non-renewable raw materials.

In addition, obviously forget single glazing which no longer exists on the joinery market anyway. There is also no need to ruin yourself with triple glazing, generally popular for the specific needs of high energy performance houses. Good double glazing, and preferably a double glazing with reinforced insulation (VIR) is sufficient to ensure maximum efficiency. It also makes it possible to find a good compromise between thermal performance, solar gain and price. Finally, remember to consult the Local Urbanism Plan in order to make a choice in accordance with local regulations.

If you can’t change your windows or it’s not enough, the tips below will be of great help.

1) Replace window seals to better insulate them

Crucial to ensure very effective thermal insulation, the seals unfortunately have a limited lifespan. They tend to deteriorate quickly. A change from time to time is therefore recommended, and this, in particular to best accommodate periods of climate change. This prevents the air from becoming humid and drafts have a harder time getting through. To improve the energy performance of your home, consider placing glazing seals between the uprights and the frame.

2) Installing curtains is not an option

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Investing in curtains, especially thermal curtains, will allow you to retain a few precious extra degrees. This is an effective barrier against the cold.

The original idea? It is also possible to install a second curtain on an already existing rod. To do this, use an elastic hook tensioner!

3) Use an insulating film

If you cannot install double or triple glazing, you can give thermal insulation a chance. This is an adhesive strip that sticks directly to the windows. Once installed, the film in question can remain in place for approximately two years depending on the model. Enough to ensure you a certain peace of mind over time and to reinforce the thermal insulation of your interior at a lower cost!

4) Overglazing to better insulate the windows

Always so as not to have to replace a window, you can also use the overglazing. It is particularly appreciated for old single-glazed windows and installation is very easy and quick. However, it will be necessary to make the right choice between fixed overglazing, opening overglazing or even overglazing in kit form.

5) Cleverly recycle the newspaper to insulate its windows

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To prevent fresh air from entering your home, use newspaper to seal spaces where the cold enters. All you have to do is fold a sheet over itself, then fix it in the critical places with tape. Of course, this is less durable than installing a gasket. However, it’s a good troubleshooting tip while waiting to be able to go buy some in the DIY store!

6) Dress the bottom of the window

To limit heat loss at a door, it is very common to use a door draft excluder. However, we can draw inspiration from this same principle for the window. For an insulating and decorative effect, we can consider putting cushions and / or a bench in front of the window to cut the cold if your interior configuration lends itself to it.

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