6 info about loud night breathing that may preserve you awake at evening


4. You don’t snore so much in space

If you’re looking for a quiet night’s sleep, maybe you should volunteer to participate in a space launch to Mars. Medical Daily explains that the lack of gravity beyond the stratosphere significantly reduces snoring because nothing pushes your soft tissues (tongue and paddle) towards your airways.

It came from a real study the snoring habits of astronauts, who have also unfortunately found that returning astronauts to Earth start snoring again, sometimes even worse than before. However, if you somehow manage to build an anti-gravity chamber in your home, you are good to go.

Sleeping area

5. Snoring can affect a baby’s birth weight

Medical Daily also points out that pregnant women who snore 3 or more nights a week risk giving birth to a normal birth weight baby, while increasing the chances of having to deliver by cesarean section.

Initial findings from the University of Michigan Health System indicate that some women do not start snoring until pregnant, indicating a higher risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia, a potentially fatal condition that affects up to at 5% of pregnancies. This may go unnoticed until the start of labor.

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