6 Good Causes For Nothing To Purchase On Amazon (Or Elsewhere).


You have probably heard of the Black friday.

This year it takes place on Friday November 26.

Black Friday is a gigantic commercial operation with supposedly amazing promotions.

Incredible … But not necessarily true!

Because if it is true that we can do good business during this period of reduction.

Black Friday invented by Amazon also poses a lot of problems.

Scam, overconsumption, waste …

here is 6 good reasons not to buy anything on Black Friday or elsewhere. Look :

1. We are easily ripped off

10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 70% promotional discount coupons

In theory, Black Friday is super cool because it’s a mega promo period.

Suddenly, the logic is to say that we are going to make great savings, isn’t it?

But beware, there is a trap …

What if we told you that we are on the verge of getting ripped off?

And yes, some traders do not hesitate to inflate prices 1 month before the famous D-Day.

Then, they offer mega promotions: – 50%, -70%, – 90%!

Crazy, isn’t it? You do not believe me ?

Each year the DGCCRF (The repression of fraud) pinpoints brands that cheat in this way.

And the UFC-Que Choisir also warns against these fantastic false promos.

The magazine even mentions deceptive marketing practices.

He compares Black Friday to a « promotional nest can« .

All is said !

So it’s time to refuse these scams and stop being fooled!

The solution ? We are wary of too tempting promos.

Before buying anything, we check that it is a real good plan.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By comparing prices for the rest of the year.

2. We spend (a lot) too much money all at once

an empty pink wallet held by a woman's hands

It’s mathematical: who says big promotions, says buying spree!

We are excited by all these nicknames good deals …

We don’t want to let such great deals go by!

And in the end we buy a lot of stuff that we don’t need at all …

€ 5.9 billion are spent each year for black friday….

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

But in my experience, we burn the CB and we regret it quickly.

It’s a blow to find yourself in debt … And to have a difficult end of the month!

To avoid falling into this buying frenzy, there is an easy trick.

Just wait 2 days before making a purchase.

Do we want something? We wait a bit …

That way, we are sure that we really need this good … Or that we really want it.

That way, we don’t give in to an uncontrolled buying frenzy caused by aggressive ads.

And the best way to make daily savings… is not to spend money! Think about it!

3. We penalize our small local traders and artisans

a woman is holding a stack of plates in a pottery store

The Black Friday system favors big brands and businesses on the internet.

For example: Amazon, Ikea, Boulanger, Samsung, Zara, Carrefour …

It is rare that the local trader or local craftsman can match the slashed prices.

For these local shops, Christmas is the period when they realize their biggest turnover.

However, Black Friday deprives them of this end-of-year income.

The solution ?

This year, why not choose to shop at a craftsman near you who manufactures locally his merchandise?

The good news is that there are more and more.

4. We endorse precarious jobs

an amazon package

One of the biggest promoters of Black Friday is Amazon.

It is this e-commerce platform that popularized this trend.

It’s true that buying on Amazon is easy, fast and super convenient.

And even more during Black Friday!

But behind this impeccable service for the consumer, the social reality is far from all rosy.

Storage, packaging, express delivery … The work rates are very high. Everything is timed and controlled.

Sustained pace, high workload … As a result, there are many accidents at work.

And wages unfortunately remain very low.

Not to mention that Amazon practicesTax optimization excessive.

Concretely, that means that they pay no taxes in France…

… and this, despite 4 billion euros of turnover in Europe in 2020!

Less taxes means that much less money to finance our hospitals and public schools.

So many good reasons to shop near home not to encourage this system!

5. We promote overconsumption

a recycling dump for clothes

Always buy more things whether you need them or not …

It is overconsumption.

And let me tell you a good thing …

It is neither good for your bank account nor for our planet.

Are you not convinced ?

So, let’s talk about some numbers:

– In France, 500 million clothes are thrown away !

And 60% of French people have clothes (or objects) in their closet that they never use. I admit, I’m one of them, aren’t you?

Globally, it is 4 million tonnes of discarded clothes… While we sell 5 million in Europe.

So, do we really need to buy that umpteenth adorable scarf or that trendy hoodie that will already be out of fashion next year?

And this, even if it is to offer …

– When you know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, that makes you think not?

Do you know that she is responsible for 20% of water pollution ?

– OK, but we have to make gifts to children, you will tell me …

Of course, but do we have to spoil them so much?

Seriously, do you think kids remember all the toys they had on Christmas year after year?

The solution ? Try to complete this challenge by offering 4 gifts per child. No more !

And instead, you save all that money for a trip, a family vacation, or a great experience to do together!

So simply saying no to the consumer society is easy.

You save more, you are less stressed and in the end, you are happier.

6. It’s an ecological disaster for the planet

It’s no secret:

Black Friday is an ecological disaster for the planet.

The majority of products sold during Black Friday have traveled the world to reach us …

Not to mention the transport so that they are delivered right outside our door …

Carbon footprint of these consumer goods is really very very bad.

And there is worse!

Amazon destroys millions of products unsold each year (3.2 million products in France in 2018 according to the CGT).

Insane waste and pollution!

What to do to avoid Black Friday?

If I tell you Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Black Friday …

What do they have in common ?

The answer is that all of these practices are imported the United States with a lot of aggressive marketing and advertising campaigns.

Fortunately, there is good news.

It is because before we were doing very well with Black Friday and we were not doing worse.

Why ?

Because in France, there is sales and a whole host of promotions throughout the year.

So why not take the opportunity to simply buy the items you really need at a good price?

The solution ? You just need to organize yourself a bit to pay less.

But don’t worry, it’s easy with this guide to buying at the best price, month by month.

You can also anticipate from one year to the next.

And instead of waiting until the last moment, shop right after the Christmas holidays.

You will immediately make big savings.

It also works for any party: Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day …


And there you have it, now you know why it is better not to give in to the tantalizing, but deceptive temptations of Black Friday 🙂

Moreover, more and more companies refuse to participate.

In France, nearly 200 companies oppose it, in particular for ecological reasons.

They come together in a collective ‘Make Friday Green Again‘.

And they want to encourage consumers to adopt more responsible consumption.

That is to say, consume less and better.

Do you know the Green Friday ?

It is a movement that denounces Black Friday and its consequences.

He invites consumers to sort through their belongings, to repair what can be repaired, to give away or to recycle.

Your turn…

And you, are you going to boycott Black Friday or not? Tell us in the comments why. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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