6 well being behaviors which are interfering along with your well being targets


4. You are not flexible in your way of thinking

There is a balance between not believing everything you read and being flexible in your thinking. When we become rigid in our beliefs and our approach, we may miss opportunities to learn more about ourselves and to try things that will bring us closer to our goals. Ask yourself why you believe what you are doing, and stay open to changing your opinions based on new evidence or ideas. It opens you up to change, progress and the achievement of your goals.

A good example is believing that fat is unhealthy and religiously eating only low fat foods, despite the evidence showing the importance of good fats in our diets. Not only might you have a hard time losing weight or staying healthy (due to the benefits of good fats), you might miss the opportunity to wonder why you are so attached to it in the first place. .

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5. Be obsessed with your goals

Once the main character sets a goal or prepares for a challenge in a movie, all the time stops. Scene after scene, you watch the character put sweat and tears into his work, until the final scene where he dramatically achieves his goal. However, life is not like the movies. You don’t need – and shouldn’t – be so obsessed with your health goals that you take over your life.

In real life, things happen that could briefly take you away from your goals. Birthdays, vacations, family deaths, or job changes can make it difficult to meet goals such as diet, exercise, or quitting smoking. It can actually be a good thing because it teaches you to put things in perspective and pick up where you left off, when you are ready and able to focus on your goals again.

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