6 concepts to scare away flies whenever you eat out


Whether indoors or outdoors, flies are extremely annoying when eating, as they are attracted to food odors and can then quickly become a nuisance. They can indeed fly around the guests and land on the food, which in particular prevents them from quietly enjoying their meat cooked on the barbecue or the fruit provided for dessert. To prevent these undesirable and particularly invasive flying insects from ruining the atmosphere when you eat outside (or even indoors) and scaring them away from your pleasant table, there are fortunately many very effective repellent tips that do not require the use of a chemical insecticide that can accidentally end up in your food. Discover how to keep flies away through simple and powerful natural tips.

Hunting flies during all meals on the return of sunny days, it’s over. Tranquility assured!

Is it dangerous to let flies land on food?

The presence of flies is not only annoying and disgusting, it is also risky. Since these critters often alight on decaying matter, animal feces and other sources of contamination, they can be carriers of several pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites which will then end up on food, hence the association with serious food-borne illnesses (salmonellosis, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid, etc.). Added to this is the fact that these little beasts vomit on solid foods to liquefy them before consuming them and also regurgitate some of their previous food in the process. These practices can contaminate food and increase the risk of food poisoning and various gastrointestinal infections.

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It should be noted that some people are more susceptible to allergic reactions or foodborne infections that others. Young children, the elderly and individuals with weakened immune systems are often at higher risk of complications. Thus, if on the whole the health risks can be considered as minimal and rareit is always better to avoid eating the parts where the flies have landed (take care to remove them) and take hygiene and pest repellency measures to minimize exposure to these harmful insects and the associated risks.

How to scare away flies when you’re at the table?

1) Place a fan nearby

In summer, the fan is useful in more ways than one. Of course, it is used above all to refresh the atmosphere. However, by creating air currents in the direction of the table, it will also strongly hinder the flight of these insects. This will not only prevent them from approaching, but also from landing on your plates during the meal. If necessary, provide an extension cord to be able to bring the fan as close as possible to your table.

2) Citronella candles to keep flies away

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Repellent candles are easy to make yourself and very useful during the summer season. In addition to diffusing a fresh citrus scent, your citronella candle will repel both mosquitoes and flies. What a way to spend a quiet meal without being bothered by biting or flying insects!

3) White vinegar, very useful against flies

To fight against flies, nothing beats white vinegar! Her repellent smell helps keep unwanted people away. To do this, pour this liquid into cups placed at the four corners of the table. If its scent bothers you, nothing prevents you from adding a few drops of anti-fly essential oils. Furthermore, it can also be used for clean and disinfect the table after the meal to remove the last crumbs such as food residues that could attract flies and ants. Just pour some on a clean cloth and rub.

5) Use plants wisely

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In addition to beautifying your table, certain plants such as lavender, eucalyptus or geranium give off a natural repellent scent, promise of a tasting in peace. It also seems that tomato leaves also have a deterrent effect. To prevent them from approaching, place them in a vase. Finally, also think of the herbs that help repel flies. Here, aromatic herbs such as peppermint or basil, to be placed in pots or in bowls on the table, will have a magical effect on these insects. And in addition, you can also consume them so it will not be lost!

6) Cloves against table flies

If lemon and cloves have a pleasant smell for humans, it is not the same for flies who fear them, especially when they are associated! To keep flies away, it is in fact possible to cut a citrus fruit in half or in quarters and prick the flesh with a few nails to create a easy, eco-friendly, fast, very effective and inexpensive repellent. All you have to do is place everything in strategic places on your terrace.

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