6 pure tips to scare away hornets


6 natural tricks to scare away hornets

31.05.2023 10:55

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Among the flying insects, one of the most feared is none other than the hornet. With its loud buzzing, as soon as it approaches, you jump and immediately panic. Calm down, he will never attack you for no reason! However, it has a reputation for scaring people because its bites can be very dangerous. But, rest assured, this is extremely rare. It doesn’t matter, you don’t want them around! No problem, to get rid of it, there are some infallible tips, and without even resorting to chemicals. Discover our home remedies.

What attracts hornets the most?

Hornets are used to building their nests in the hollows of trees and in their tops. They often also use wood fiber to build seats in attics or under roofs. If your garden is well supplied with trees and foliage, then it is not surprising that these insects appear there. In isolated and fairly rare cases, they may be attracted to human dwellings, but there is no need to fear them too much, as they are not aggressive and will not deliberately attack you. Do you notice a constant presence of these hornets in your garden? In this case, we should try to identify what can attract them so much. Here are some leads:

  • Sweet smells : mainly fruit, even rotten. Hornets love grapes, apples, pears and cherries. Precisely, as a trick, you can use these fruits as bait to trap them.
  • These flying insects love the scent resin from certain trees, especially lilacs, birches, willows and ashes. If you have any, there’s a good chance they’re lurking around.
  • The lights in the house : in the evening, as with most insects, the hornets will also be attracted to the light in the living room or in the bedroom if the windows are open.
  • Open water springs : fountains, rainwater tanks, swimming pool.
  • Wood storage decaying on the plot.
  • Do you happen to find them on the ground, especially in burrows abandoned by animals? Be careful, every movement on the surface can be interpreted as a threat to their safety. They can then become aggressive and dangerous, especially for children.

Although they are very useful to the ecosystem and even get rid of annoying flies, if the presence of hornets really worries you, you can keep them away from your home using natural methods without harming them. Our homemade hacks will do just fine!

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1. Repellent scents

We all fear the stings of wasps, bees or hornets. And, when these insects fly around us, we are immediately disturbed badly. What could be more unpleasant than having lunch on the terrace, having a barbecue or having a drink with friends, surrounded by these unwanted visitors? Sometimes it’s even unbearable, isn’t it? But, it is also not necessary to use the hard way. Why systematically resort to chemical insecticides that kill them and pollute the environment? Did you know that simple natural flavors can greatly irritate them and scare them away? So you can rely, for example, on the power of vinegar or the essential oil of cloves. There is a whole panoply of ingredients whose odors can’t stand the hornets: lemon, basil, mint, marjoram, thyme, wormwood, eucalyptus, garlic, tea tree oil or even the aroma of roasted coffee. Want to enjoy a beautiful sunny day outdoors? Just burn a few coffee beans in a container and the smell will spread everywhere. Rest assured that these pests will no longer come around. Similarly, if you set around some lemon halves garnished with cloves, you will have peace for quite a while. If you have managed to find the wasps’ or hornets’ nests, consider spraying them with vinegar, they will eventually abandon them. Oh, better yet, did you know that there are fake nests available in stores? It is enough to place these artificial objects in certain corners to make believe that this territory is already occupied.

2. Homemade trap

On beautiful summer days, we much prefer to eat our meals outside, in the garden or on the terrace. It’s so much nicer, of course. The problem is that we leave sugary drinks and fruit lying around on the table. Result: we invite, at the same time, all these flying insects to come and feast. So how do you keep them from approaching? You have to be smart and use an already popular and proven method. This consists of attracting them with a sugary drink contained in jars or glasses to trap them. The problem, unlike flies that often fall into the trap, hornets or wasps manage to get away with it. So the idea would be to make a trap better suited to counter them.

  1. Take a plastic bottle of mineral water
  2. Cut the neck (without cap)
  3. Put it upside down in the bottle, so it will act as a funnel to trap insects.
  4. By pouring sweet juice inside, it will be the perfect bait to lure them in.

3. Plants

Oh yes, of course, you can also count on the help of certain plants whose scents keep these insects away as if by magic. We think in particular of lavender, mint, marjoram, thyme, certain species of geraniums, lemon balm, lemon thyme and even wild pansies. If you have them in a pot, do not hesitate to place them on the balcony, the terrace, the windowsill and in the garden. You will regain your peace of mind in no time!

4. Coffee

As we mentioned above, coffee is a powerful natural remedy against bees, wasps, hornets and even bed bugs. And this, thanks to its strong and intense aroma. It is enough to burn a few grains so that the thick smoke embellishes the environment. And presto, you can say goodbye to all these invaders! Put some in a fireproof container or an ashtray to install on the sill of a window or in the garden.

5. Cucumber peels

Even more surprisingly, even cucumber peels are known to scare away these insects. Simply place them around the deckchairs in the garden or on the windowsills. It will be a super effective barrier!

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6. Camphor or mothball tablets

Another proven method: these tablets with an intense smell, stronger than garlic itself, will perfectly deter hornets from coming to bother you. Put them in small placed bags and keep them near doors or windows.

Finally, prevention remains the most formidable weapon to prevent flying insects from entering your home or building a nest. We therefore invite you to invest in good mosquito nets to install on the windows. Also consider sealing any cracks along the perimeter walls with caulk or stucco. Similarly, wall cavities should be filled with expanded foam. Periodically check attics or shutters, these are areas where nests often form. Oh yes, another important point: make sure you don’t leave sugary substances, meat, fruit or drinks anywhere.

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