6 Locations The place It Ought to Not Be Positioned At House.


Placing your WIFI router at home is very important.

If you put it in the wrong place…

Not to mention that the connection may drop or even not work at all.

Fortunately, my technical advisor at Orange explained to me exactly where not to place my modem at home.

By avoiding these areas, you will easily improve the speed of your Internet connection.

1. Do not place the WIFI router in a corner of the house

A wifi router placed in a corner of the house

Often, the modem is placed near a wall in a corner of the house.

It’s just because that’s where the internet socket is in the house.

We are tempted to leave the router directly where the connection arrives.

That way, no hassle with additional wires to connect like RJ45 Ethernet cables.

The problem is that this is unlikely to be an optimal location for the WIFI router.

You should know that routers send the signal in all directions.

So, if you put the router in a corner of the house, part of the signal goes outside!

So you lose WIFI for nothing.

And then I tell you right away.

If the router is in the basement, you are almost certain to have connection problems as well.

The floors are thick between the basement and the ground floor.

So don’t expect to have a good signal under these conditions.

2. Do not place it on the ground

A wifi router placed on the ground that does not emit much signal

We often do the error of placing the WIFI router on or near the ground.

In a low cabinet for example.

In reality, it is always necessary to place the device on supports which can maintain it in height.

Routers tend to broadcast signals downward.

It is therefore best to mount the router as high as possible to optimize coverage.

For example, try placing it on a shelf or attaching it to the wall in an inconspicuous place.

In this way, the WIFI waves encounter fewer obstacles.

3. Do not place it near a thick wall or window

A wifi router placed near a wall that emits little signal

Also avoid placing the WIFI router near concrete walls and even more if they are thick.

Indeed very often, these walls do not allow the passage of the waves.

In addition, if water pipes pass through these walls, it can further impede the passage of signals.

And the same with regard to windows or any glass obstacles such as mirrors.

The glass blocks the signal by reflecting it.

Same for mirrors.

So we abandon the idea of ​​placing the router near the window, believing that it will better capture the outside waves…

4. Do not place it next to another electrical appliance

A wifi router placed behind a television that emits little signal

Another place to avoid when placing the router is next to or behind other electrical devices.

I am thinking, for example, of televisions, video game consoles, computers, cordless telephone bases…

These devices generate interference with the signal transmitted by the router.

One type of electronic device to really avoid is the microwave.

Indeed, it emits a powerful signal in the 2.4 GHz band.

That is, the same wireless band your router operates in!

And that, I’m pretty sure you didn’t know.

5. Do not place the WIFI router in a cabinet

A wifi router in a piece of furniture that emits little signal

It’s true that a router is not very beautiful in a house…

But I strongly advise against hiding it in a piece of furniture.

If you lock the WIFI router in a piece of furniture or a closet and also close the doors…

…the signal is halved!

The signal fails to get out properly and becomes too weak for a satisfactory connection.

Also be aware that certain materials influence the WIFI range of your router.

This is particularly the case for all metal supports.

You know why ?

Because metal has the particularity of absorbing radio waves and the WIFI signal.

So, if you place the device on this type of surface, expect some network delays.

Then you will understand:

If you enclose the router in a piece of furniture that is also made of metal, then this is the perfect combo.

You are certain that you no longer have a signal!

6. Do not place the WIFI router near a water source

A wifi router near an aquarium that emits little signal

A final recommendation is to avoid water sources such as pipes, refrigerators, radiators, aquariums…

Water interferes with signal transmission and prevents reaching your devices.

And I’m even talking about the water contained in the reservoirs of the plant pots (if you have any).

Yes yes. If you have plants with large foliage at home, it can create disturbances.

We don’t think about it, but the irrigation water and the humidity of the leaves represent a real obstacle.

I am not joking.

How to properly place the antennas of the router?

Wi-Fi router antennas that cross to get more signal

Some routers have no antenna at all, but others have as many as eight.

These antennas direct the signal.

If your router has 2 or more antennas, do not place them all in the same direction.

Instead, make them perpendicular to each other.

Place one horizontally and the other vertically.

Or, slightly change the position of all the antennas to cover a wide range of angles.

Each antenna then propels a wave in a different direction.

That way, the whole house is covered by the signal.

Where should you place your WiFi router at home?

Where to place the wifi router at home

When we install our electrical appliances, we rarely look at the instructions…

However, there are some very important tips.

Including on the location to respect when placing the router.

When we have connection problems, we think (wrongly) that the problem comes from the hardware.

We then waste our time calling the technical service to solve the problem.

However, 9 times out of 10, the solution is in our hands!

As I told you, WIFI is a bit like the wind.

As long as it does not encounter any obstacle, it blows.

On the other hand, if a thick wall is there, then it stops dead.

Well for WIFI it’s the same.

If you place the router in the right place, no connection problems.

Your browsing is fast and seamless.

I will therefore save you from reading the 150-page manual by explaining to you directly where to place the device.

The best possible location is in the middle of the house on a mid-height table.

Obviously this placement works for all routers including:

The Livebox Orange, the Freebox Pop, the Bouygues BBox, and the Box SFR…

With this trick, you no longer need to buy a WIFI repeater to amplify a too weak signal in the house.

Where should you place a WIFI router at home

Your turn…

And you, where did you put your Internet box at home? Do you have good reception? Tell us in the comments. We can’t wait to read you!

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