6 tricks to make it final and keep it


Whether it’s in the early morning to wake up, after a meal to treat yourself or during the afternoon to end the day with energy, you never say no to a little coffee. Whether you like it short or long, dark and full-bodied or drowned in a cloud of milk or sugar, only one thing does not change: you have to go through the coffee machine to get a cup. However, whatever type of coffee maker you have (bean-to-cup, capsule, grinder, etc.), you should keep your device in good condition to prepare pleasant, high-quality coffee. Added to this is the fact that a well-maintained espresso machine will last much longer, a good point that is not negligible when you can’t afford to run out of coffee. So, take note for all hot drink lovers: here are all the good tips for maintaining your coffee machine.

1) Always beware of limestone

Limestone is one of the most formidable enemies of a coffee machine in good working order. In addition, scale deposits can end up altering the taste of your Arabica… It is therefore advisable to carry out a thorough descaling of your machine at least every three months. To do this, you can of course buy a commercial product. However, as advised in our article which explains how to clean your coffee maker, it is much less expensive to use white vinegar or citric acid diluted in water (2 spoons per liter of water). Just be sure to rinse the appliance thoroughly after cleaning and use the machine’s descaling program if it has one.

2) Also remember to maintain the components that we tend to forget in our coffee machine

Do you like creamy coffees or the occasional latte? In this case, consider rinse the milk nozzle thoroughly of your device. Indeed, a lack of cleaning risks causing a clog and bacteria could develop! If you have a grinder espresso machine, you should also remember to clean the extraction chamber with clean water to avoid the development of bad odors.

3) Choose the right water to fill and maintain your coffee machine

We advise you to use a low mineral water on the inside. If your machine does not have a special pre-installed filter, you can also use filtered water. To do this, nothing prevents you fromuse a water filter with which you will then pour the water. This little-thought measure is ideal for limiting the accumulation of scale which can then change the taste of your drinks or clog the pipes and openings of the machine in no time.

4) A tip to keep your machine clean

Before pouring your drink, think about yourself run a cup of hot water which you will empty immediately afterwards. This will prevent coffee grounds from depositing in the spout. And in addition, it will warm your cup to enjoy a hot coffee throughout the tasting!

5) What to do when the machine turns on, but nothing flows?

This problem may be related to the pump. However, it may not be necessary to change it right away! Here try to reprime it by bringing the piston lever backwards several times. This may fix the problem for a while.

6) Take precautions to maintain an unused coffee machine

You probably already know that you have to remove the capsule between two coffees to avoid clogging the machine. When you don’t use it for several days, additionally consider clean and dry accessories as well as empty the tank.

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