6 Suggestions To Cease A Chilly Name For Good.


Telephone canvassing is a scourge.

As soon as your number is in their file, it’s mission impossible to get rid of it.

Here are 6 effective tips to cut short untimely cold calling and avoid being harassed for weeks:

1. Don’t hang up immediately

This may sound counterproductive, but not at all. Why ? Because telephone canvassers must continue to call you untilthey get a response from youeven negative.

It’s their job. As long as they don’t have an answer, you’re in the list of potentially interested people.

However, if you hang up right away without telling them that you are not interested, they will continue to call you for weeks until they have a conversation with you.

2. Don’t start a conversation

If you start talking to them one way or another, they’ll think you’re interested in their product and just need some convincing.

The rule to follow is simple. Don’t ask questions. Don’t explain why you aren’t interested in the product or service they are trying to sell you.

Don’t show any compassion or any other human feeling, at the risk of being picked up one way or another by the canvasser.

3. Don’t get angry

Know that it is not the canvassers (or telemarketers) who choose your phone number.

It’s a computer that dials the number automatically. If you shout at the marketer because you have already had 8 calls, unfortunately you have little chance that he will be friendly with you.

Because concretely, it’s not his fault, since it was the computer that called you.

As a result, there is a good chance that you will be put back in the file of potential customers and therefore called back by another marketer another day…

4. Don’t hang up in the middle

As in tip #1, don’t hang up in the middle of a conversation without an explanation.

If you do that, you are sure that the marketer will call you back within a minute saying « Sorry, we were cut off ».

And if you don’t pick up, they will keep calling you back again and again.

5. Don’t let the direct seller call you back at another time

Anything that is not a firm and definitive « no » is interpreted by the canvasser as an opportunity to call you back.

When you say « It’s not the right time », the canvasser understands: « Call me back later! »

When you say, « Sorry, I don’t have time to talk about that right now, » the canvasser understands, « I’m interested, but not today! »

All marketers have a script that tells them how to respond to all possible and imaginable arguments. So the less you interact with them, the better.

6. End the conversation for good

The best trick for ending a conversation with a canvasser is to use this phrase: « Please add me to your do not contact list. »

Don’t say, « Can you put me on the do-not-call list? » or « I no longer want to receive your calls ». In this case, they will be forced to ask you why.

Be polite, but firm. If they ask you why or if they don’t want to do it immediately, stay calm and just repeat, « I would like you to put me on your do not contact list. »

As you can see, it’s all about the method to say STOP to telephone harassment.

By using exactly these words and avoiding the 6 mistakes mentioned above, you leave the marketer no chance.

The way you respond to a commercial cold call is decisive.

Either you make the wrong choices and you will continue to be harassed. Either you know how to answer and you’ll get rid of cold calling for good and block those commercial phone calls.

Make the right choices and you will no longer be bothered.

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