6 methods pets can enhance your well being


2. Pets give us a purpose

Pets can also increase your sense of purpose in life. Researchers (from the National Center for Health Research) found that older people who owned pets had better daily well-being than those who did not.t own pets. Older pet owners were better able to do things like climb stairs, kneel down, and cook meals on their own. Researchers found that older people who had pets, such as guide dogs, did not experience an improvement in their well-being.

This may suggest that people tend to have a purpose in taking care of an animal rather than being taken care of by an animal. A lack of purpose in life can lead to isolation and loneliness. Caring for another living being can give you purpose and meaning in life. When you have meaning and purpose, you are less likely to feel depressed, isolated, and lonely.

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3. Pets lower blood pressure

Owning a cat or a dog is good for the heart, literally! A 2010 study was conducted by researchers at the Oklahoma Cardiovascular and Hypertension Center and the University of Oklahoma, to determine how pet owners and people without pets differed when placed in a room. stressful situation. The result was that pet owners, before stress was applied, had lower heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, pet owners’ heart rates were less likely to rise and would return to normal more quickly than people who didn’t.t own an animal.

Less stress and better stress management are good in themselves, but there are more than good vibrations with lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means less stress on your heart and less risk of heart disease. Lower blood pressure also means you’re less likely to have a stroke, more likely to have good vision, and more likely to have healthy kidneys.

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