6 Methods To Fly Above Jet Lag Signs


Traveling by plane has its ups and downs, and it also has a similar effect on your internal clock as you travel across time zones. A long flight to a faraway land may be taxing on you as it is (sitting in one place for hours), but suddenly being eight hours into the “future” when you arrive at your destination.

Jet lag can disrupt your vacation and more importantly cause problems when trying to resume a regular work / sleep schedule when you get home. Those who travel often on business may have already found their own ways to cope, but here are 6 ways to combat aircraft fatigue during and after flying …

1. Remember to stay awake during the flight

It is very tempting to take a nap on a long flight, due to fatigue or even boredom, but it is not always in your best interests to close your eyes in the air. Forbes magazine notes that if you are going to a destination that will be daylight when you arrive, you should avoid sleeping and use the time in the air to relax and work.

The magazine suggests that you can help this process by putting yourself « in your destination time zone yourself, » meaning you should go to bed earlier if you plan to fly east, and vice versa. if you are heading west. The article suggests starting this cycle several days before your flight if possible.

Sleeping on the plane

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