6 methods to refresh oral hygiene


2. Avoid harsh toothbrushes

Many people may believe that the harder the bristles of a toothbrush, the more effective they are at removing dirt and sand. However, Best health magazine Note that a soft, rounded bristle toothbrush is the best solution (toothbrushes are usually marked soft, medium, and hard on the packaging).

However, even with soft bristle brushes, some of us tend to scrub too hard, which does more harm than good. Best Health noted that a survey of 700 dentists concluded that brushing that was too firm was one of the main causes of tooth sensitivity.

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3. Avoid mouthwashes with alcohol

Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, but you should read the label carefully to be aware of this. What is the problem ? Well, according to EveryDay Health, mouthwashes that contain alcohol have been researched for a link to oral cancer (although nothing conclusive has been found).

Intensity is another reason to avoid alcohol-based rinses. It may cause a burning sensation which could prevent you from using it completely. It is also not recommended if you are recovering from an alcohol addiction, as its mere presence could be a trigger.


4. Don’t brush your teeth after eating

You might be tempted to brush off those pearly whites as soon as you’ve consumed a big meal (which maybe had a sweet dessert or red wine), but while it sounds good in theory, you might be damaging yourself more than that. teeth only if you have waited a while to brush.

Some experts point out that many foods and drinks are acidic, and if you brush your teeth right after consuming them, you are actually pushing the acid into the tooth enamel. The best method is to rinse your mouth with water and wait at least half an hour before brushing your teeth after that. Other sources have said brushing before a meal is helpful.

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