60 DIY artwork concepts with stones


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Stones have been used as an art form for centuries. There are many ways to use stones in your artwork, and the possibilities are endless. Here are 61 ideas to get you started.

A beautiful representation of a father holding his small child, made in stones, realistic and representativeit will make a very nice decorative object in your home, where to offer in a party or a birthday.

Flowers hanging from a wooden board, with ladybugs climbing up a stem, all made of stone, it’s very beautiful to see, you can hang it on your front door, or on a tree in your garden, it will blend in completely

A magnificent representation of a tree surrounded by flowers and pebbles, entirely made of stones of different sizes and colors, glued together to make this beautiful work, to put in your living room or in the hallway, it’s quite a good idea.

Two pretty butterflies in full flight made from stones that you will find in rivers or at the edge of a beach

Stone birds occupying a tree, their expressions are drawn very simply with paint and a fine brush, it could be a decorative element both indoors and outdoors.

A very beautiful mosaic in small stones of different dark and light colors, representing a small alley of an ancient city, with a setting exuding incredible charm.

An owl perched on a stem made with small pebbles, but apart from your creativity, there are no limits in this art.

A very beautiful representation of a family of six seated in the woods, contemplating the full moon, all made with stones, dead tree branches and a piece of wood.

A very elegant sign made of stones, the details on this work are remarkable because the choices of the size and the color of the stones used have been made meticulously, you can frame it and put it in the living room, it is quite original.

A little girl having fun with balloons, designed with stones, you just have to find the right pebbles, anyone can do it.

An admirable representation of a small European village, in the French or Italian stylemade from a very large number of stones of different sizes and colors, a beautiful rather technical composition which gives this effect in three dimensions.

A small magical village worthy of a Disney animation, colorful and childish, made from round and oval stones, pieces of wood, all painted and drawn with water-based paint.

Two cats under a tree enjoying the peace of where they arepretty to look at and easy to make.

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