7 Wonderful Advantages of This Historical Flour.


Einkorn is an increasingly popular flour.

Especially in the bread that we buy in organic stores.

This kind of ancient wheat has many health benefits.

Not only does it contain little gluten, but it also helps digestion.

It was my nutritionist who revealed all of its nutritional values ​​to me.

Since then, I eat it regularly even if it’s true that it’s more expensive than classic wheat bread.

here is 7 surprising virtues of small spelled to discover. Look :

What is the difference between spelled and small spelled?

The difference between small and large spelled

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Know that the large and the small spelled: it is not the same thing.

The first comes from a cross with wheat, and therefore contains a high level of gluten.

While small spelled can only be produced in the south-east of France according to its IGP.

It is in fact the original plant already known in antiquity.

But it was abandoned in the modern area, because the yield was not sufficient.

Its strong point? Its low gluten rate (7%) and its nutritional qualities.

1. Einkorn is high in protein

wooden spoon with spelled grains

The little spelled, also known as « einkorn », is one of the few cereals to contain all 8 amino acids.

Which ones? Tryptophan, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, leucine and isoleucine

These 8 amino acids are all contained in animal proteins, but never in vegetable proteins.

If you are a vegetarian or if you reduce your meat consumption, this cereal is an excellent substitute.

Thus, your body has no deficiencies.

2. It is low in gluten

spelled flour bread

Einkorn is often recommended for people who want to reduce their gluten intake, or for those who show a slight sensitivity.

It contains only 7% gluten, much less than its cousins, spelled and wheat.

It also makes him much more digestible than them.

Of course, it’s not completely gluten-free.

It is therefore not recommended for those suffering from celiac disease.

But since the gluten it contains has changed little over the centuries, it is easier to digest than that of wheat.

On the other hand, if you use it for pastry or bakery, you will see that spelled flour is more difficult to lift.

3. It is rich in vitamins and minerals

plate of spelled

This ancient cereal was prized because its nutritional contribution is important.

For 100g of small spelled, we count:

– 120 mg of magnesium (perfect for fighting stress)

– 100 mg of calcium (indicated for bones and teeth)

– 400 mg of phosphorus (good for memory)

– iron

– vitamins A, B1, B3, B5

It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, wouldn’t it?

4. It fights aging

spelled seeds in a wooden spoon

Spelled has a very strong antioxidant action.

And that’s thanks to vitamin E, beta-carotene, lutein and carbolic acids.

All this helps to slow down the aging of the skin, in particular by fighting against free radicals.

It also slows the degeneration of cells that are linked to certain types of cancer.

It is also very good for the eyes.

5. It helps control weight

spelled and chickpea salad

Strictly speaking, einkorn does not make you lose weight.

But, it is a very satiating cereal.

No more hunger and cravings!

As it is rich in fiber and protein…

…it is really recommended for people who watch their weight or who attack a diet.

Why ? Because it is low in calories.

6. It aids digestion

spelled seeds

Eaten cooked, spelled is very digestible.

This is thanks to its high fiber content.

It also facilitates intestinal transit.

7. It hasn’t been genetically modified like wheat

spelled flour

Einkorn has been known and cultivated for 10,000 years by man.

Oh yes, nothing more !

But, as mentioned above, its cultivation has been abandoned for lack of productivity.

It is therefore a cereal that has fallen into oblivion.

And that is why it is one of the rare cereals to have undergone no genetic modification.

If like me, you avoid GMOs, this is an ideal flour.

Your turn…

And you, do you know any other benefits of spelled? Share them in the comments with our community. We can’t wait to read you!

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