7 Superior Suggestions To Get Rid Of All The Filth In The Residence.


Kitchen, bathroom, dining room …

Dirt and mold accumulate very (too) easily.

And sometimes, when faced with stubborn dirt, elbow grease and goodwill isn’t enough.

We can rub, scrub … That doesn’t mean! We would almost give up to leave things as they are …

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective tips to make your life easier.

so here’s 7 awesome tips to get rid of all the dirt around the house easily. Look :

We ask a lot of our pillows: between the sweat and the slime that we pour on each night, it’s not pretty, pretty … 🙂

And as the pillows are generally only protected by a pillowcase, they inevitably turn yellow very quickly.

So, to clean them thoroughly and their restore their whiteness, here’s the trick …

First, put the pillow in the washing machine.

Then, pour in 1 glass of liquid detergent, 1 glass of powdered detergent and 1 glass of white vinegar.

Then add 1/2 glass of sodium borate (or « Borax ») to the drum.

It is a very effective disinfectant that you can buy online here.

Finally, run the machine at 90 ° C for at least 1 hour.

To dry it, put the pillow in the dryer with a program very soft.

Or, lay it out flat in a well-heated and ventilated room in the house.

If it is a feather pillow, it is best to air dry it. Check out the trick here.

2. Rust on the tub

Use lemon and salt to remove rust from porcelain

As if the bathroom wasn’t dirty enough already …

Rust stains are often seen on the tiles.

Fortunately, there is a very simple method to eliminate them.

And all the ingredients are in your kitchen!

First of all, put on a pair of gloves.

Cut a lemon in 2 and rub one of the halves on the rust stain pressing so that juice comes out.

Leave to rest for at least 2 hours. Then, with an old toothbrush, apply to the stained part of the fine salt and rub briskly.

Finally, rinse with the shower head.

It is the combined action of lemon and salt which has an abrasive effect and allowseasily remove rust. Check out the trick here.

3. Dirty cooking plate

Use baking soda to clean the baking sheets

There is sometimes something to despair of when it comes to cleaning a hob because it gets dirty so quickly!

It is indeed impossible to cook without splashing fat …

And in addition, with the heat, the fat becomes embedded on the baking sheet.

But, don’t worry, there is a simple and effective solution!

To do this, put on a pair of gloves and remove the screens.

Sprinkle the baking sheet very generously with baking soda.

If it is a gas stove, also consider putting it on the burners outside and inside.

Then dip an old cloth in very hot water. Then wring it out above the dirty plate.

Place the cloth (s) directly on the burners, covering the charred fat well.

Then let the rags act for 20 min and rub with a sponge dipped in a little washing-up liquid.

Finally, rinse with clean water with a cloth.

Baking soda also works great for cleaning a ceramic or induction hob.

Just mix a little baking soda with water to form a thick paste.

Then apply this paste to the baking sheet using a damp sponge.

Leave to stand for 10 minutes and wipe off with a soft microfiber cloth.

And there you have it, with these tips, whatever hotplate you have at home …

She will be cleaner than ever without having rubbed for hours ! Check out the trick here.

4. Descale the coffee machine

Use white vinegar to clean the coffee machine

Over time, you have surely noticed that your coffee machine builds up scale.

It’s normal ! The problem is that it does not taste very pleasant in coffee …

Fortunately, there is a very simple trick for easy descaling your filter coffee maker or a Senseo, Tassimo or Nespresso coffee machine.

Here’s what to do:

Where you usually put water in the machine, pour White vinegar until the tank is halfway up.

Switch on the machine.

And let the vinegar flow in it as if you were making coffee.

When the program is finished, empty the vinegar contained in the carafe.

Then fill the water tank halfway up and start a new program.

Repeat this step with water at least 3 times to thoroughly rinse the machine.

And there you have it, you have given your coffee machine a facelift!

Enjoy the great taste of coffee in the morning. Check out the trick here.

5. Mold on the shower curtain

How To Clean Moldy Shower Curtain Easily

Tired of buying back a shower curtain every four mornings because they are full of mold ?

It is true that it is painful and that it costs dearly …

Here is the method to finally fix it and easily!

First, lightly moisten a sponge and sprinkle over the baking soda.

Now rub the sponge vigorously on the dirtiest parts of the shower curtain and rinse with water.

All you have to do is dry the curtain with a clean cloth.

And now, thanks to the baking soda, your shower curtain has found a second youth.

No more yellowed cracra and black mold!

He is now impeccable. Check out the trick here.

6. Water stains on a wooden table

Tip for removing water spots with olive oil and salt

This is why you should avoid having too precious furniture at home 😉

And yes, the halos of drinks …

It happens very quickly especially when you have children at home.

But do not worry !

You have everything you need in the kitchen to give your beautiful wooden table a makeover.

To do this, mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons ofolive oil and 3 tablespoons of fine salt.

The goal is to form a thick, viscous paste.

Spread this paste on each of the halos using a kitchen brush.

Leave rest 1/2 hour then clean well with a damp cloth.

Magic: there is no more trace! 🙂

Note that this trick also works with toothpaste or mayonnaise.

7. Mold on shower joints

Tip for cleaning blackened joints with bleach

What a plague all this mold in the shower !

No sooner do we think we have eliminated it than it reappears …

The chore does not seem to have an end …

And yet, there is a super efficient way to easily clean up all those nasty black streaks.

This time, you’ll have to take a little tour of your cosmetic cabinet …

Take cotton (ideally, a cotton spool).

And soak it generously bleach by putting on protective gloves before.

Then spread each of these wet cotton strips along the blackened joints. Seal well with your fingertips.

As you will need to let everything sit overnight, consider taking your shower first.

The next day, remove all the cotton and note the returned whiteness of your joints shower 🙂

The great thing is that with this trick the mold isn’t going to come back anytime soon … Check out the trick here.

Your turn…

You have tested these 7 tips for clean your house ? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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