7 frequent errors to by no means make along with your fragrance


For pleasure or for more charm, many people have one or more perfumes at home. Whether you prefer eau de toilette or eau de parfum, fresh scents or gourmet smells and woody, fruity, spicy, heady or even floral notes, there is something for all tastes and for all personalities. What to find his or her “signature perfumes”! Nevertheless, whether it is when choosing your perfume, using it or keeping it, things become less obvious. We can then count a number of small errors that affect the proper use of a perfume. Here are these little bad habits that you will have to pay more attention to, especially for a perfect and longer lasting wake all day. In addition, an eau de toilette is very expensive, so you might as well use it and enjoy it!

1) Badly test your perfume… and therefore choose it badly

Even if you wear the same eau de toilette, the smell will never be quite the same from one person to another. The chemistry of our skin, in particular its acidity, can indeed vary a little, thus releasing a very unique trail. It is therefore difficult to rely on a simple perfume on a paper strip! Before embarking on an expensive purchase, do always a test on your skin (even if it means asking for a sample in perfumery to test it over several days). You will know for sure if a perfume suits you, interacts well with your epidermis and is not likely to turn off.

Another important factor is the number of perfumes tested before you decide. After three or four fragrances, your sense of smell is saturated and will no longer be able to analyze them well. It is therefore better to limit yourself or provide mint or coffee beans to “get it going again”.

2) Keep your perfume in your bathroom

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Do you like its smell? In this case, avoid altering the smell of your fragrance and altering its quality with inadequate storage conditions ! Eau de parfum and toilet water, as well as extracts or essences, do not tolerate heat, humidity and light very well. Also, your hot and humid bathroom, a dressing table or chest of drawers near a radiator, or a shelf touched by the sun’s rays may damage them. For the juice to keep its color and its initial smell, prefer a dry place, away from light and where temperature variations are minimal.

3) Exposing yourself to the sun after putting perfume on your skin

Summer or winter, we like to smell good. Nevertheless, whether in our perfumes or our colognes, we find photosensitizing ingredients. They make the skin more sensitive to UV rays, which can cause small brown pigment spots, burns, redness or itching.

4) Rub your wrists after application

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This almost mechanical gesture is very bad, because it alters the quality of the perfume. Indeed, this gesture releases enzymes that modify the fragrance. Better to just spray without rubbing.

5) Putting on too much, one of the most common mistakes with perfume

The more you put in, the better? It is true that over time, we tend to get used to it and therefore less smell the fragrance that we wear daily. However, the fact that you can no longer discern the top notes, heart notes and base notes does not mean that those around you are in the same situation. And if you force the dose a little to manage to smell it, you may even give them a few headaches. The golden rule is therefore to limit oneself to one to three sprays the morning following his concentration by carefully choosing the strategic places where you put it, for example hot areas such as pulse points. With the warmth of your skin, your wake will reveal all its power.

6) Poor choice of other treatments

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Your scented body oils and creams can sometimes have a very strong smell. Applied before, they can therefore alter the smell of your perfume with the risk that the mixture is not not very harmonious, even unpleasant. Without buying the shower gel and cream to match your perfume (which is very expensive), think about it when buying your care. Opt for formulas with little or no perfume to avoid unpleasant surprises.

7) Use it as a deodorant

Granted, both deodorant and perfume are scented. However, they are not interchangeable. Mixed with sweat, the perfume may turn off and will not be able to eliminate bad odors. And besides, you can irritate your skin in the process!

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