7 family tricks to decelerate the return of mud


If the molds in the ambient air are not ideal for the respiratory tract, it is also not very pleasant to have dust suspended in the indoor air! The allergenic mites that hide in these fine particles are indeed unpleasant substances, especially in the event of an allergic risk or asthma. And in addition to allergies related to dust inhalation, dusting is also one of the most tedious tasks. Despite all our efforts to ventilate our interior and multiply the passages of microfiber cloth, dust tends to come back at high speed, leaving behind its famous unsightly appearance on all surfaces. Enough to tear your hair out! To breathe healthier indoor air and fight dust in the long term, here are some household tips to slow down its appearance in an interior.

1) The vacuum cleaner to remove dust and avoid rapid return

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If vacuum cleaners are excellent at removing dust, it is because they allowsuck up dirt without scattering it everywhere. It is therefore more effective than the feather duster, and in particular on floors, whatever their covering (carpet, wooden parquet, tiles, etc.). You will have understood it: to avoid dust and slow down its speed of return, it is already necessary start by knowing how to eliminate it. Do not hesitate to vacuum more regularly for more efficiency. In addition, choose a HEPA filter device if you are sensitive to dust mites.

Moreover, you can also sprinkle baking soda on armchairs, mattresses and sofas before vacuuming these upholstery fabrics to better remove dust and therefore prevent it from accumulating. Regular maintenance will avoid spreading dirt into the air with each use.

2) Beer to clean green plants

yucca - easy-care plants
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Their leaves tend to accumulate dust. However, in addition to promoting air pollution in your home, this will also harm their good health. To dust them off effectively and for a long time, beer is the ideal product! Simply soak a clean microfiber cloth in it and wipe it over the leaves. After that, the dust will have a hard time sticking to itbecause the beer will make the foliage slippery.

3) Lemon to prevent dust from coming back on the plastic

lemon household
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Lemon juice is not only excellent for cleaning plastic, but also for slow down dust accumulation that it is so difficult to fight on this matter. Lemon water helps fight static electricity. When dusting chairs and decorative plastic trinkets, don’t hesitate to use lemon poured directly on the cloth! So they will stay clean longer.

4) Turpentine to slow down dust on wooden furniture

furniture parquet polish
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Unfortunately, wooden furniture loses all its luster due to its tendency to pick up all the dust lying around, inevitably giving it an old-fashioned look! And on dark wooden furniture, dirt is even more visible. To prevent the dust from returning too quickly, mix equal parts white vinegar, vegetable oil and turpentine. Like our dust spray recipe, this cleaning product will permanently eliminate dust and delay the dusting chore. Turpentine is indeed a miraculous ingredient, especially for wood, which it makes less sticky. So remember to have some at home!

5) Coarse salt for permanently impeccable curtains

curtains window cleaning
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Curtains are among the worst dust traps, so every time you handle them, you see grains suspended in the air, ready to dirty every corner of the house. To avoid this, it is advisable to do not neglect the cleaning of the curtains. However, before each cleaning, do not hesitate to give your curtains a bath in water with coarse salt. This will make it even better to eliminate and prevent the appearance of dust. Indeed, the salt will prevent dust from settling on the curtains!

6) Glycerin for cleaner windows and surfaces for longer

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We tend to forget it, but dust is not confined to furniture and upholstery. It also tends to stick to windows and mirrors, leaving behind a not very clean look. To avoid this, always add a few drops of glycerin to your window cleaner. The dust will thus cling less to the windows, significantly spacing out the cleaning sessions. You can also dilute a tablespoon in a liter of water and immerse a cloth in this mixture to soak it well. For dust all surfaces in the houseyou just have to leave the cloth to dry quietly and use it when necessary.

7) Last smart tips for the road…

clean baseboards
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To prevent dust from settling, do not hesitate to limit the number of trinkets on your shelves. This will also make dusting easier. Moreover, when you change the bag of your vacuum cleaner, do not hesitate to put damp newspaper underneath. In addition to allowing old newspapers to be recycled, this wet paper will catch dust. This will limit their dissemination throughout your interior. Last tip: to slow down the return of dust to your baseboards, use a cloth with a few drops of fabric softener on a cloth or cloth for the dryer when cleaning. This will limit static electricity, and therefore a too rapid return of dust.

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