7 Ingenious Suggestions for Doing Dishes WITHOUT Dishwashing Liquid.


Fortunately, there are simple and effective tricks to clean all this without using dishwashing liquid.

Besides, I’m sure you already have what it takes at home.

here is 7 genius tips for easily replacing dishwashing detergent at home. Look :

1. Add some water to the bottle

Do you remember that famous slogan: « when there’s more, there’s more »?

Well, it is squarely valid here.

Add a little water to the empty dish soap bottle and shake.

The water will dilute the few drops that remain at the bottom or on the sides of the bottle.

This allows you to do several more washes without buying new products.

The clever little thing par excellence!

2. Use Marseille soap

do the dishes with marseille soap

Marseille soap is natural and inexpensive.

But its strong point is that it degreases everything it touches.

Rub the soap on your sponge and clean the dishes with this foam. Rinse with hot water.

You will be surprised how clean and spotless it is.

This trick works with Marseille bar soap or liquid.

3. Dilute soda crystals

soda crystals for cleaning dishes without product

Pour about 70 g of soda ash in a basin of hot water and stir to dilute.

Then, immerse your plates and cutlery in the basin and let them soak for at least 15 minutes.

Rinse well with warm water.

What I love about this technique is first of all the « 0 effort » side, because there is no need to rub.

But above all, the plates are degreased and very shiny.

4. Use white vinegar

white vinegar and shiny dishes

White vinegar is one of the essentials to have in your cupboards.

It degreases, deodorizes, descales…

For dishes, it works great.

In particular to make glasses shine and remove white marks.

And even to remove tea stains in cups.

It can be used pure or diluted.

Soak the dishes in a basin of lukewarm water with at least 250 ml of white vinegar, rub and rinse with hot water.

To remove white veil or tea stains, put pure vinegar in the glass and leave to act for at least 1 hour.

Rinse with warm water.

5. Degrease with sodium percarbonate

sodium percabonate to degrease dirty dishes

Cleaning a gratin dish that has burned is a nightmare.

Don’t worry anymore!

Put 2 teaspoons percabonate in the dish and fill it with very hot water.

Let it act: watch it foam!

1 hour later, you will see all the fat and burnt residue coming to the surface.

It’s time to rinse with warm water.

Your dish is impeccable without rubbing.

6. Pickle with baking soda

washing dishes with baking soda

Like white vinegar, baking soda is one of the star products for those who love natural things.

Mix some baking soda with water to form a paste.

Take some of this paste on a sponge and clean your dishes.

Be careful, do not rub too hard, it can scratch fragile dishes.

But for all the dishes that don’t suck like the ones bought from IKEA, no worries!

Bicarbonate degreases, removes residues and deodorizes.

7. Make your own dishwashing liquid

bottle of homemade washing up liquid

Why didn’t you think of that earlier?

It only takes a few simple ingredients to make homemade dish soap.

Personally, I love this recipe, because it is super degreasing.

Plus, it’s ready in minutes.

Your turn…

Have you tried these grandmother’s tricks to replace dishwashing liquid? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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