7 the reason why love is all you want for a wholesome life


2. The couple reduces stress

Studies by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago claim that being in a partnership leads to less stress, especially for women. The study found that being in a long-term, committed partnership reduced the production of the stress hormone, cortisol.

So even if you have to pick up your spouse’s dirty socks all the time, being in a committed bond protects the body and brain from psychological and physical stress.

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3. Living together prevents depression

Cohabiting couples experience lower rates of anxiety and depression than their rolling stone counterparts, according to a Cornell University study.

The study researchers wrote in the results that being in a healthy relationship where you know you can count on a partner for support leads to better feelings of protection, support, and stability. Couples also reported being better able to cope with outside stress compared to singles who lived alone.

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4. The strength of partnership relationships

There is something in the adage “happy wife – happy life” and that also applies to happy husbands. A study published in the Marriage and family journal noted that having a spouse of your own helps you live longer.

In fact, the study highlighted that several factors, including a strong social network associated with the partnership (ie.


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