7 Issues Profitable Ladies Do As Quickly As They Wake Up.


Do you also have difficulty balancing work and family life?

Work, personal life, loves, children….

Today, we no longer ask ourselves whether women can have it all, but how they can do for everything conciliate.

Yes, it’s exhausting to always have to fight to maintain this fragile balance between professional life and family life.

It’s true that time flies so fast…

And this is particularly the case for those who seek fulfillment both at work and in their private lives.

As we are often in a hurry, even overworked, we also adopt some bizarre habits when we start our day.

Like pressing the « Snooze » button on the alarm clock several times before getting up, or checking your emails while you’re still in bed.

Bad habits are quickly taken… Fortunately, there are tips to remedy this daily race against time.

Little things to do in the morning that allow you to do things more efficiently and without stress.

Women who have a great career and a family at the same time apply them every day.

This allows them to be more productive in their professional life.

Thus, they have more free time and they can devote it to their family and friends.

here are the 7 things successful women do as soon as they wake up. Look :

1. They never press the snooze button on the alarm clock

Do you also tend to press the « Snooze » button on the alarm clock several times in a row, to gain a few more minutes in bed?

Sleep scientists are categorical: even if you have the impression that this habit makes you feel good, know that it is exactly the opposite!

In fact, those few precious minutes stolen before your work day contribute to your even more fatigue and your head in the pie.

Instead of hitting the snooze button, make a habit of go to bed and get up at the same time every day of the week.

It may seem difficult at first, but you will find that your internal clock will quickly get used to this change.

Thus, waking up in the morning will no longer be an ordeal!

2. They never check their emails when they wake up

You open one eye, grab your phone and scroll through the emails and texts received during the night…

Very bad idea! Do you think it helps you save time on your day?!

Well, it’s quite the opposite! It pushes you to be reactive instead of proactive.

Result, instead of controlling the schedule of your day, you suffer it.

If you stop reading your emails as soon as you wake up and set your goals for the day the night before, you will be much more productive.

You will be able to regain control of your day and choose what is really important to do to allow you to move forward in your work.

Having a proactive approach to your daily life is a very effective strategy that you can apply to all areas of your life.

3. They read for at least 15 minutes every morning

Have you ever heard that world leaders are also avid readers?

Bill Gates has his own blog where he gives his opinion on the books he has read.

Nike founder Phil Knight has a library he loves so much you have to take off your shoes before entering.

A few tens of minutes a day, that changes everything! Especially if you read in the morning, before going to work.

Yes, reading has extraordinary benefits…

It is the breeding ground for your future great ideas and promotes your imagination.

In addition, reading allows you to tame new subjects and enrich your knowledge.

The icing on the cake: reading increases your ability to communicate and your emotional intelligence.

What better way to inject positivity into your daily life in the morning?! 🙂

4. They know how to stay positive in all circumstances

Nobody likes Mondays. And nobody likes commuting to work.

The problem is that repeating it every day when you go to work is counterproductive. Why ?

Because it negatively influences your day and affects the decisions made in your work.

On the contrary, you must try to change your way of thinking by trying to stay positive in all circumstances.

By changing your mentality, you drastically change the perception of your daily life.

So think about being positive in the morning. Know how to say « yes » to what surrounds you… and everything will seem much simpler to you.

5. They have a well-established morning routine.

Throughout our adult lives, we wake up about 25,000 times.

And it’s not something you can choose not to do!

So, for the days when « you don’t feel it too much », for whatever reason, there is fortunately a trick to feeling better quickly.

The trick is to have the same little routine every morning.

Indeed, a morning routine allows you to avoid overthinking, to get your ideas straight and not to waste time.

So try to get up every day at the same time, preferably before everyone else to be quiet for a while, then enjoy your breakfast made up of whatever you like…

Last tip: create the look that suits you but don’t spend too much time on it every morning!

Once you’ve found an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in, stick with it!

Yes, it’s not for nothing that successful people choose to wear the same thing every day.

Not only will you save time every morning, but it will also allow you to make great savings on the clothing budget!

6. They don’t spend their life on Facebook

We all know these « black holes » called Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…

It’s so time consuming!

Remember that in the morning your time is especially valuable.

So while it’s very tempting to have your breakfast taped to your phone, don’t.

Why ? Because it affects your ability to process information and concentrate for the rest of the day.

If you work in the new technology sector, you probably already spend more than 7 hours a day in front of a screen…

It’s all the more important to give your thumb and your brain a break, especially in the morning and evening!

Instead, consider doing some exercise in the morning: it’s one of the best habits for your well-being.

7. They show confidence

Shoulders back, head held high and heart strong!

You are « the » boss and you believe in it.

Yes, knowing how to behave is fundamental to communicate your intentions well around you.

No more crawling out of bed and going through the door of the house by braking with 4 irons…

Instead, be willful and determined!

You will see that in addition to changing your attitude positively, it will have a decisive impact with your colleagues and your boss.

Don’t care what people think of you. You are perfect just the way you are 🙂

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