7 ideas for cleansing a grass stain successfully


Any outdoor outing is prone to grass stains. After a picnic in a park without a cover, an improvised tanning session on the garden lawn, an afternoon of football or even just a walk that turns into a fall, green marks on clothing are always a risk. Unfortunately, it can then be complicated to clean the grass stain perfectly without leaving a yellowish halo. It is therefore essential to act quickly and to use the right household products for successful cleaning. Before going to the washing machine, try one of these grandmother’s tricks!

You will see: very often, products that you already have in your cupboards will be the perfect cleaning products to perform this tedious task. Just repeat as often as necessary before putting the laundry in the washing machine. Thus, you will no longer fear the outings of your children in nature!

1) Marseille soap, all-terrain

Both Marseille soap and dishwashing liquid are excellent for getting rid of stains of all kinds. To do this, dampen your block of soap and rub it over the stain to form a layer. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. Then put everything in the washing machine as usual.

2) The potato against a patch of grass

Thanks to its starch, the potato has many benefits when used for the household. In particular, it has stain-removing properties that help remove dirt from clothes. To do this, cut your raw potato in half and rub its flesh on the green traces. Then, leave for two hours and then run a machine wash cycle to finish detaching the garment. It is very effective on a t-shirt or any other cotton garment.

dirty stain clothes
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3) Toothpaste

A white toothpaste can still work wonders on dirt, especially on an area stained green by grass. This technique also works on all types of fabrics except leather and silk. It is enough here to use a little paste on a toothbrush and to rub. Then put the garment in the machine without even giving the product time to dry. The toothpaste does not need time to act here. So you can rinse and wash directly.

4) White vinegar for a tough grass stain

This eco-friendly and inexpensive cleaning product is a classic for laundry care. Its cleaning and stain removal power will be very useful in case of grass stains (or even for any other type of stain). If it is a fragile garment, do not hesitate to dilute your vinegar in equal parts with water. You can then apply it to the stain by rubbing and leave to act for at least ten minutes. Finally, rinse and proceed with the usual washing.

5) Hydrogen peroxide for a grass stain on white

Pour hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and gently rub the stain inwards so as not to spread it. If necessary, you can also form a paste with baking soda or add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to hydrogen peroxide to boost its cleaning power. Then, let it act for about thirty minutes, rinse and put it all in the washing machine.

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6) Alcohol against grass stains

You can use rubbing alcohol or household alcohol with a little water to scrub the grass stain. Just pour it on a cloth, dab it on the stain and let it work. Rinse with cold water and clean as usual.

7) Cleansing milk, the surprise stain-removing tip

If the simple act of rubbing a little is not enough to remove a stain from leather or imitation leather, you can use make-up remover with two drops of rubbing alcohol. The stains will not oppose you any resistance!

Finally, be aware that the water and sugar mixture will be very effective for both grass stains and mud stains on clothes.

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