7 ideas with aluminum foil that few folks know


Used in the fields of packaging, automotive, energy, construction, transportation and even aerospace, the impact of aluminum is so profound that its invention has no context entered into. the story. Indeed, this light and 100% recyclable metal has since become one of the foundations of the infrastructure of many countries around the world.

Aluminum foil is also one of the most essential products in the kitchen. Typically used to wrap leftover food for better preservation, this product can be used in many other ways.

7 amazing but no less practical uses for aluminum foil

1) It can serve as a funnel

You don’t have a funnel at home and are afraid to pour it all over the place? Use aluminum foil! It couldn’t be simpler: Mold aluminum foil into a funnel shape and insert it into the opening of your container. This tip will prevent you from cleaning up a liquid spill that you could have done without!

2) To iron both sides of your clothes simultaneously

To avoid wasting time or worse, going out with a crumpled shirt, simply place a sheet of aluminum foil under your clothes while you iron them. Because aluminum foil is a heat reflector, you can easily fold your clothes so that you can iron both sides at the same time.

3) To clean your iron

Made of metal, the iron will eventually get ruffled over time and if you are not careful, rust can transfer to your clothes. So, to avoid damaging your prettiest blouse, run aluminum foil over your iron and you will get rid of all traces of rust!

4) To turn your AAA batteries into AA batteries

Most electronic devices are designed for AA batteries. However, if you only have AAA batteries and your remote control no longer wants to work when you want to change the channel to watch the latest episode of your favorite series, don’t panic! You can try placing a small piece of foil on the positive ends of each stack before inserting them.

5) To replace your touch screen stylus

Today, almost all phones available in the market are equipped with touch screen technology. If you’d rather use a stylus than your fingers and can’t find yours, there’s no need to spend the money to buy a new one. Simply wrap aluminum foil around a pen, pencil or other sharp object and make your own stylus!

6) To remove rust from your chrome surfaces

Chromium, like metal, easily tends to accumulate traces of rust. However, you can still fix it! Just dip a ball of foil in cold water and start scrubbing. So your rust will come off easily and you can enjoy chrome that will look brand new.

7) To improve your WiFi signal

Too slow a connection? You can always improve your signal with this trick that will allow you to enjoy a fast connection wherever you go. To do this, cover a rectangular plate with aluminum foil and place it behind your router. To you Netflix evenings without any interruption!

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