7 Distinctive Shelving Concepts to Show Ornaments


There are two different types of interior designers: one who selects a few ornaments during the design process and sticks with it, and one who loves nothing better than adding new ornaments. whenever they are lucky.

As for the latter, it’s fair to say that things can get out of hand very quickly! Sure, it can be fun and exciting to constantly add new things to the house, but it can also get a little tricky when you run out of places to display them!

Shelves to enhance the beauty of the house.

But that’s what we’re here for. Below, we’re going to tell you about seven of the best shelving ideas designed specifically for your ornaments, all of which can give them the stage they deserve while taking up no more space!

Hanging shelves

Alright, we’ll start with one that isn’t exactly a shelf, but hear us out! Hanging shelves are basically one inch long strips of wood from which ornaments can be hung. This idea is especially good for lovers of trinkets or jewelry. Let’s say, for example, that you bought a nice chai necklace but I don’t know how often you will wear it. Hanging shelves allow you to display items like this 24/7 without having to store them out of sight.

Open shelving

This one is definitely for the hardcore! If you have a large number of ornaments you’re looking to display, open shelving can essentially cover an entire wall, helping you fit as many items as possible into each closed square. Compared to an average storage unit, this can be a great budget option that also creates a strong visual impact in a room.

Glass shelves

The only problem with having lots of shelves is that they can easily make the room feel a bit smaller, especially in more compact spaces like the living room or kitchen. There is, however, a way around this. With glass shelves, you can display your ornaments without creating the illusion of a smaller space, and your ornaments can look like they’re floating against the wall rather than sitting on something opaque. .

Honeycomb shelves

Shelving is generally quite linear, with many homeowners choosing between three and four horizontal shelves on the wall. With honeycomb shelving, however, you can shake things up a bit. These are octagonal shaped shelves that extend diagonally And horizontally, helping to create a bit of spontaneity rather than linearity.

DIY shelves

One of the hottest shelving trends in 2023 is the “DIY shelving,” which basically involves cutting out the woodwork and installing it yourself. Do not be afraid if you lack carpentry skills. DIY shelves are designed to look a little more imperfect and raw, and they can really complement a more traditional or modern-traditional space.

Shelves for toilet paper

Yes really. We said these ideas were going to be unique! Toilet roll shelves are used by designers who want to be more sustainable, reusing household items to create shelves rather than buying the shelves online. If you have smaller ornaments or trinkets, this can actually be quite a subtle and beautiful option, provided it’s done carefully and delicately, of course!

Abstract shelves

Finally, one of our favorite design trends in 2023 comes in the form of “triangular wooden shelves”. They are basically triangular shaped shelves that can be placed on the wall at any angle, perfect if you want to create a more abstract space with no traceable order. Due to their shape, you will only be able to place a certain number of ornaments in them, but they can still be a great option if you have smaller ornaments looking for their forever home!

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