79 concepts with stones and pebbles


Do you know that you don’t need to be a great artist to create magnificent works? Indeed, everyone can be an artist and this is proven by the quality of certain works whose authors are not great painters. Many don’t know it, but just with stones and pebbles you can afford incredible works of art. If you doubt it, then we invite you to discover some ideas that will make you change your mind!

1/ Stone dead leaves

Imagine what you could represent with simple stones! A very attractive masterpiece.

2/ The snail

Decidedly, all the beings of the earth can be represented with pebbles, but also stones. Here is an illustration.

3/ Catuses

You can make it look like you’re growing catus, when it’s just art.

4/ Art at home

This artwork can easily serve as a decoration for your home. You will only be happy.

5/ The rabbit

Natural works can also emerge with the use of stones and pebbles. Here is the proof!

6/ Strawberries

You have certainly wanted to taste it. But only, it is an art in stones.

7/ The scratching rat

What about this magnificent work of art? An incredible decor choice.

8/ Union

One hand in another is always synonymous with great strength.

9/ Precious stones

It is anything but a natural stone. On the contrary, it is the work of an artist who knows how to do it.

10/ A family of birds

Here is yet another art representation that you can make with stones and pebbles!

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